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a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region

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If your dog has recurrent anal sac problems, your veterinarian may suggest removal of the glands.
saettii is unique by having two primibrachials, higher than wide primibrachials, higher than wide secundibrachials, ramules borne admedially only, and a recurved anal sac with multiple vertical ridges (Table 2).
Here's why overly soft stools cause trouble: Your dog has an anal sac on each side of his anus, each filled with strong-smelling liquid that he uses to mark his territory.
It's thought that inflammation causes the opening of the anal sac duct to swell, plugging the duct.
Dogs and cats have anal sacs located on each side of the opening of their rectum.
Anal sac disease is very common in dogs but can be treated by your vet, sometimes treating it with antibiotics if there is a severe infection.
Located between the internal and external anal sphincter muscles, and lined with oil and sweat glands, each anal sac is connected to the outside world via a short, narrow duct.
Anal sac disease is very painful and usually accompanied by a bad odour.
perianal or circumanal (hepatoid) glands, anal sac glands and anal glands (Moulton, 2008 and Polton et al.
This unipolar budding yeast can be found in ear canal, anal sac, lip, chin, vagina, rectum and skin of clinically normal dogs.
Anal sac scent marking is also what makes dogs so interested in each others' feces.
In a small dog--a Chihuahua, for example--it will be about the size of a pea; in a large dog, such as a Great Dane, each anal sac will be about the size of a kidney bean.
Identifying and Treating Anal Sac Adenocarcinomas in Dogs, by Meredith Gauthier, DVM, DACVIM, Lisa G.