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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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70) Thus, although the jury was convinced that several other charges had occurred, including sexual misconduct by forcible oral and anal penetration, they were not convinced of forcible vaginal penetration, which was required for a rape conviction.
Yusof said the issue of consent is ''not essential'' and the prosecution only needs to prove there was anal penetration.
In this Act, the definition of rape has been broadened to include the non-consensual vaginal, oral or anal penetration of any person, regardless of gender, with any object.
All of his documents are explicit in their description of various sexual acts from sensual kisses on the mouth and mutual masturbation to anal penetration.
Abusers start by undressing their victims, but once that line has been breached, you are likely to hear from the victim about oral and anal penetration, greater and greater pain and fear being inflicted, and more and more carelessness about exposing the crimes as the perpetrator's inhibitions fall away.
In one of the most provocative essays in the collection, "Regarding a Black Male Monica Lewinsky, Anal Penetration, and Bill Clinton's Sacred White Anus," Glave dares to imagine Monica Lewinsky as black and male.
Everything would be fine if it were not for the fact that homosexuality often expresses itself in anal penetration.
In particular, Yosef offers provocative ideas concerning cinematic masochism and the (pardon the pun) embedded nature of anal penetration.
A black man is the top and a white man the bottom in a scene that moves from foreplay to anal penetration.
In addition to the blog, Kidd's site includes 'A heretical history of homo humping' where Kidd works campily towards a creative reappropriation of the word 'buggery': 'Buggery is a concept, a trope, a meme which goes a lot deeper than anal penetration, bringing together a sense of the illicit, the forbidden, the secret'.
leather scene" parties) and unprotected anal intercourse or other unprotected anal penetration (e.
Extreme" sex, as in Tristram's previous work: wire hangers used as handcuffs, anal penetration, full-body shaves, blindfolds, drawn blood, sex role reversals, the ever-smoldering threat of violence.
The court also held that the officer was entitled to qualified immunity as to the manner in which the searches were conducted because it was not clear at the time that the application of some physical force to keep the detainees against a wall during the search, anal and genital contact with a slender object, accompanied by verbal abuse but in the absence of any injury or anal penetration, violated the arrestee's rights under the Fourth Amendment.
A great amount of the clients ofthis sexual workers are homosexual and bisexual men and the practice ofunprotected active-passive relationship with anal penetration is frequent among them.
Yet there it is: through some improbable accident one unsuspecting guy finds himself the object of anal penetration involving bottles or cans: it happens