anal sex

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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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A black man is the top and a white man the bottom in a scene that moves from foreplay to anal penetration.
The court also held that the officer was entitled to qualified immunity as to the manner in which the searches were conducted because it was not clear at the time that the application of some physical force to keep the detainees against a wall during the search, anal and genital contact with a slender object, accompanied by verbal abuse but in the absence of any injury or anal penetration, violated the arrestee's rights under the Fourth Amendment.
Yet there it is: through some improbable accident one unsuspecting guy finds himself the object of anal penetration involving bottles or cans: it happens
Anal penetration, the use of physical force, and the age at the time of abuse had a significant impact on later symptoms.
The nine men and three women were to return today to begin deliberating charges of first-degree murder and anal penetration with a foreign object.
Offences ranged from kissing to oral sex and anal penetration.
Sort of like Eight Is Enough with anal penetration.
Rathbun could be sentenced to life in prison without parole if convicted of first-degree murder and anal penetration with a foreign object.
The phallic camera gazes at Bessy's indeterminate sex, but there is no anal penetration.
But when prosecutor Bruce Houlder QC asked if it involved vaginal or anal penetration, she had to be led away sobbing.
I'd draw the line at anal penetration, but a bit of spanking wouldn't go amiss.
Orgasm that occurs as a result of anal penetration is thought by many to be exceptionally beautiful.