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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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The offences on sexual freedom, which imply the minor's consent, regardless the manner it was obtained, are differentiated from the material point of view, as following: if there were committed acts that involve vaginal or anal penetration, or oral sexual acts, there can be identified a sexual act with a minor, and if there were committed other sexual acts, the offence is to be considered corruption of minors.
"In spite of the fact that the medical reports issued by the doctors did not show any signs of anal penetration, the men were arbitrarily retained in police custody."
Yusof said the issue of consent is ''not essential'' and the prosecution only needs to prove there was anal penetration.
According to the draft proposal obtained, fifth graders should "understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration".he draft includes teaching first graders that people can be attracted to the same gender, and second grade students are instructed to avoid gay slurs.
Abusers start by undressing their victims, but once that line has been breached, you are likely to hear from the victim about oral and anal penetration, greater and greater pain and fear being inflicted, and more and more carelessness about exposing the crimes as the perpetrator's inhibitions fall away.
In one of the most provocative essays in the collection, "Regarding a Black Male Monica Lewinsky, Anal Penetration, and Bill Clinton's Sacred White Anus," Glave dares to imagine Monica Lewinsky as black and male.
In particular, Yosef offers provocative ideas concerning cinematic masochism and the (pardon the pun) embedded nature of anal penetration. This counterweight to Freud's phallocentrism offers important assertions regarding subaltern depictions of queerness and Mizrahi identity within the heteronormative, Eurocentric confines that mark Israeli Zionist culture.
Other preliminary findings suggested that concurrent sexually transmitted infections were prevalent and that the majority had participated in casual sex gatherings (e.g., "leather scene" parties) and unprotected anal intercourse or other unprotected anal penetration (e.g., fisting) during the 12 months before onset of symptoms.
"Extreme" sex, as in Tristram's previous work: wire hangers used as handcuffs, anal penetration, full-body shaves, blindfolds, drawn blood, sex role reversals, the ever-smoldering threat of violence.
The court also held that the officer was entitled to qualified immunity as to the manner in which the searches were conducted because it was not clear at the time that the application of some physical force to keep the detainees against a wall during the search, anal and genital contact with a slender object, accompanied by verbal abuse but in the absence of any injury or anal penetration, violated the arrestee's rights under the Fourth Amendment.
Yet there it is: through some improbable accident one unsuspecting guy finds himself the object of anal penetration involving bottles or cans: it happens!
Anal penetration, the use of physical force, and the age at the time of abuse had a significant impact on later symptoms.
In the next novel in the series, Rabbit Is Rich, he has joined the middle class, but he is still anxious about his masculinity, both threatened and titillated by masochistic fantasies focusing on homosexual men and anal penetration. His ailing white male body comes to stand for a general decline in American culture, while Americanness itself remains firmly gendered as masculine.