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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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Blockage of the anal gland duct will require manual emptying and sometimes an antibiotic course.
It isn't quite as common for a cat to have anal gland issues as a dog so I'd suggest you make an appointment for Fluffball to see your vet to check exactly what the problem is.
Question: I noticed my dog has been dragging his rear end along the floor and I have been advised to get his anal glands checked.
INTRODUCTION: More than 95% of all ano-rectal abscesses are caused by infections arising in the anal glands that communicate with the anal crypts (cryptoglandular disease).
Low allergen diets can help some dogs because anal gland impactions may be related to food allergies or seasonal allergies.
Considering the possibility of a primary adenocarcinoma developing in an anal gland, Satoshi7 defined the presence of a mucinous component on pathology as an exclusion criterion for diagnosing an implantation metastasis.
"Anal gland adenocarcinoma" and "fistula associated adenocarcinoma" constitute the 2 other major types of adenocarcinoma; both are categorized by the WHO under the term extramucosal (perianal) adenocarcinoma.
Tyneway sees a high number of dogs who suffer from ear and skin issues along with repeated anal gland problems and says that, in the case of "itchy ears and rears," it's a good idea to look at a potential food allergy as the underlying source of trouble.
anulatus in that its epithelium of the dorsal papillae is papillated, but differs in that it lacks an anal gland and has denticulated rachidian and lateral teeth.
Parallel to the hypobranchial gland, in the same position, can be found a black-pigmented structure, presumably the anal gland. The secretory epithelium, which forms the hypobranchial gland consists of at least six different and very long (156.7 [micro]m) cell types.
THERE are a few things that can cause this, including fleas or an allergy, anal gland problems, spinal pain, obsessive compulsive behaviour or stress or frustration.
Anal gland irritation is another reasonably common cause of irritated skin so it is worth getting these checked at the same time as emptying can often cause a rapid relief.
And secondly, this non-routine examination allowed us to diagnose much earlier than normal a small tumour, about the size of a broad bean, in Kell's right anal gland.
Our veterinarian says Wobbles has an anal gland that is giving him trouble.