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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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Some breeds are more prone to anal gland problems than others, indicating a possible genetic link to the disease.
If you also notice blood or pus in your dog's anal gland secretions, it could be a sign of infection -- so make sure that you mention this to the vet as they may decide on further treatment to ease your dog's discomfort.
INTRODUCTION: More than 95% of all ano-rectal abscesses are caused by infections arising in the anal glands that communicate with the anal crypts (cryptoglandular disease).
Low allergen diets can help some dogs because anal gland impactions may be related to food allergies or seasonal allergies.
Cytokeratin subset immunostaining in rectal adenocarcionoma and normal anal glands.
However, it is worth mentioning that colorectal type adenocarcinoma of this site (as is also true for the distal rectum) may have unexpected CK7 expression, although it is usually accompanied by coexpression of CK20 (as opposed to anal gland carcinomas that usually do not have CK20 positivity, see below).
The most noticeable symptom of impacted anal glands is the "scooting" behavior where the dog drags his rear-end along the ground in an attempt to facilitate relief.
Parallel to the hypobranchial gland, in the same position, can be found a black-pigmented structure, presumably the anal gland.
The beaver was hunted almost to extinction for its fur and the apparent headache-relieving properties of its anal gland secretions.
They were hunted to extinction in this country for their fur and, would you believe, the pain-relieving properties of their anal gland secretions.
Small and medium-size dogs appear to be more susceptible to anal gland infections and impactions, including:
And secondly, this non-routine examination allowed us to diagnose much earlier than normal a small tumour, about the size of a broad bean, in Kell's right anal gland.
Anal gland irritation can also contribute to the problem.