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Synonyms for eroticism

Synonyms for eroticism

a state of anticipation of sexuality


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To these ends, I will draw on the pioneering work of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick because her work has often and carefully considered the possibility of anal eroticism in literary texts.
The chapter's closing claims about Chaucer's modeling of fellowship in and alongside ideological critique and social rupture do the necessary work so often elided by contemporary literary criticism: Playing Dirty is not, in other words, just a description of the playful logic of anal eroticism across comic texts.
Gobseck's visibly sexual pleasure at the sight and potential possession of such beautiful diamonds, whose Indian provenance is a reminder of his youth, may seem the unbridled expression of a regressive anal eroticism, not least where, in his own version of the symptomatic, Freudian fort/ da, he plays at repeatedly taking the diamonds out of their jewel case and putting them in again: "il les sortait de l'ecrin, les y remettait, les y reprenait encore, les faisait jouer en leur demandant tous leurs feux, plus enfant que vieillard, ou plutot enfant et vieillard tout ensemble" (989).
This glorification of the intestines also supplants woman's superior access to the divine and removes guilt about anal eroticism.
The poem, `Manifesto', contains the clearest possible expression of anal eroticism, surely autobiographical, and it is an inescapable element in the relationship between Will and Anna in The Rainbow where it is presented as an absolute requisite for the perfect physical relationship, signifying complete acceptance of the `other'.
Such signs of anal eroticism are typically associated with a desire to please the mother, but Andi's family traces the habit to his father: "My relatives regarded this habit as one of my self-indulgences, part of my father's legacy of introversion and slowness of intestines" (57).
The play of her mind as it goes from Henry James to John Waters and Divine, from AIDS to Jane Austen to women's anal eroticism, is dazzling.
2) Significantly, the component instinct that most insists itself into Freud's texts as the one above which the human subject has to rise is anal eroticism.
He leads his willing accomplice (that voyeuristic straw man, the viewer) down the primrose path of poverty, male heterosexual anal eroticism, love, lust, Pollock, crapulous neediness, and jubilant desperation.