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the terminal section of the alimentary canal

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At trial, the defense cross-examined Detective Vito over omissions in his application for a search warrant of defendant's anal cavity. The United States sought to elicit rebuttal testimony on redirectover defense objectionthat the search warrant had included information about Birchette's prior felony conviction and prior police interactions involving cocaine.
At the beginning of the colonoscopy, a dark black pigmented nodular lesion (size: 2x2 c[m (2)) was noted at the entrance of the anal cavity (Figure 2, arrows).
You checked the pinhole at the end of my penis, my anal cavity. Deep into my ear canal.
Before you discard the shell of the body, break off a piece of antenna and with the barbs on the antenna facing down, stick it into the anal cavity and then pull it out; this will remove the waste tract from the lobster.