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a small volcanic island in Indonesia between Java and Sumatra

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However, Indonesia has rerouted all fights around Anak Krakatoa and has asked people to beware of lightning, landslides and floods due to heavy rains, in the wake of continuous eruptions, raising the alert for the volcano from Level II to Level III.
Anak Krakatoa is an island that emerged around 1928 in the crater left by Krakatoa, whose massive 1883 eruption killed at least 36,000 people.
Anak Krakatoa, in the Sunda Strait, emerged in 1928 from the sunken crater of Krakatoa known for its 1883 eruption that killed more than 36,000 people.
According to Indonesia's geological agency, Anak Krakatoa had been showing signs of heightened activity for days, spewing plumes of ash thousands of metres into the air.
"There are two missing people in three areas hit by the tsunami, which is most likely caused by a landslide that occurred under the sea and caused by the eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano," Emergency Situations Agency Spokesman Boro Nugroho said in a statement.
The cause of the tsunami has not been determined but the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management said an undersea landslide linked to the eruption of nearby Anak Krakatoa was a possibility, reports say.
Anak Krakatoa is a small volcanic island that emerged half a century after Krakatoa's 1883 eruption, which killed over 36,000 people.
The volcanic activity of Mount Anak Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait still shows an increase.
Lava streams down from Anak Krakatoa volcano during an eruption as seen from Rakata island in South Lampung.
The author made a trip to the present day island Anak Krakatoa and, visiting the nearby town of Anyer (Anjer in earlier times), he investigated the history of the disaster from contemporary and recent sources.
Summary: Jakarta [Indonesia], Dec 27 (ANI): Indonesia has rerouted all fights around the volcanic Mount Anak Krakatoa in the wake of continuous eruptions, raising the alert for the volcano from Level II to Level III.
The current island, known as Anak Krakatoa, or the Child of Krakatoa, is actually just the highest point of a massive crater that makes up the active volcano.
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo made the statement following reports that at least 168 died, while many others are still missing after the Anak Krakatoa volcano erupted.