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a city in southern California (southeast of Los Angeles)

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the Anaheim, California, Union High School District bans George Eliot's Silas Marner ...
Five teams of high school students from our area spent the week competing at the 2012 Vex World Robotics Competition in Anaheim, California, trying to outthink, out-program, and out-bot one another.
It is to be unveiled at the Orange County International Auto Show in Anaheim, California, in September
The array is installed on the company's two buildings in Anaheim, California and will generate 450,000 kilowatt hours annually.
This is Volume #2 of the 33rd "Annual Proceedings of Selected Papers on the Practice of Educational Communications and Technology." This volume includes papers presented at the national convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology held in Anaheim, California. The papers in this volume primarily deal with instruction and training issues.
The 2010 AAAI Classic Paper Award will be given to the author of the most influential paper(s) from the Ninth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, held in 1991 in Anaheim, California. The 2010 AAAI Distinguished Service Award will recognize one individual for extraordinary service to the AI community.
Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, California during October 27 TO October 29, 2009.
Kelly, 24, watched her father close the annual BlizzCon gaming convention in Anaheim, California with a new line-up backing band.
Vapotherm, the global leader in High Flow Oxygen Therapy products, earned one of the top awards for its exhibit at the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC)'s 54th Annual Convention and Exhibition in Anaheim, California.
Julian Alexander died after being shot twice in the chest by a policeman who was chasing four burglary suspects in Anaheim, California.
DD Williamson has developed a naturally derived blue colouring created by its strategic partner, colorMaker, (Anaheim, California).
1955 Disneyland opened near Anaheim, California. The park had cost EUR17 million to build.
The 13th annual Alternative Fuels & Vehicles Conference and Expo will be held in Anaheim, California, April 1-4.
In "Teaching Adolescent Writers", author and academician Kelly Gallagher draws upon his many years of expertise as a full-time English teacher at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, California, to show novice classroom instructors how to teach their students to write effectively.