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very small genus of shrubs of southern Europe having backward curving seed pods

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(2010) observed that oils and powders of some plants like Thymus vulgarus (Linn, 1753), Santolina chaecyparissus (Linn, 1753) and Anagyris foetida (Lineo, 1753) showed effectiveness in delaying emergence of C.
El grupo 3 esta integrado por especies perennes y arbustivas, que representan una fraccion importante de las especies zoocoras como Phytolaca iccosandra, Solanum cervantesii, Cestrum anagyris y Fuchsia thymifolia, las cuales presentan frutos carnosos.
Gray) Cronquist (1122) Solanaceae Cestrum anagyris Dunal (489) Nicotiana glauca Graham (517, 773) Solanum rostratum Dunal (553) Solanum verrucosum Schltdl.
"The horrible stench of anagyris, the thrice accursed plant," Ray writes in the novel's first pages, wherein a mariner encounters a mysterious island, "came to him from that mortal land, already so close at hand, and he knew that impure spirits were involved in his adventure ..." What's not to like about a story of impure spirits, well told?
obs.), we can also found self-compatible species in genera as Arachis, Stylosanthes (Arroyo, 1981), Dahlstedtia (Teixeira et al., 2001), Crotalaria (Jacobi et al., 2005), Anagyris (Valtuena et al., 2008), Trifolium (Speroni et al., 2009) and Desmodium (Etcheverry et al., 2010).