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moving or still pictures in contrasting colors that appear three-dimensional when superimposed

anything carved in low relief

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27) Michael Goldman, "Rodriguez and 3D Post: Better Anaglyphs and Revised Workflow," Millimeter 33 (June 2005), 34.
The anaglyphs are among 1,642 observations containing 3.
Figure 5 presents an anaglyph and a stereo pair of the middle Euphrates river valley in Syria.
There are two types of passive stereo: (i) anaglyph based and (ii) polarized.
Systems * Digital Topo Support System (DTSS) * Quick-Reaction System (NIMA) * Integrated Intelligence System (I2S) * All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) * Remote Workstations (RWSs) * Eagle-I (ELINT) * TROJAN SPIRIT II * JWICS Mobile Integrated Communications System (JMICS) Key: ELINT - Electronic intelligence TROJAN SPIRIT II - TROJAN Special-Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal II Topo - Topographic Figure 4 Geospatial Products * Imagery analysis * Photomaps * Gridded reference graphics * Mosaics * Perspective views * 3D anaglyphs * Operational fly-throughs * LOS analysis * Lines-of-communication analysis * Map enlargement Figure 5 Responsibilities of the 101st Airborne Division's Intelligence Elements.
Sample products include modified combined-obstacle overlays (MCOOs), lines-of-communication maps, bridge/road maps, elevation maps, largescale (1:25,000; 1:15,000) maps of the area of operations, satellite-imagery maps, anaglyphs (three-dimensional [3-D] redblue maps viewed with 3-D glasses), flythrough videos, and almost any other type of map the commander may want.
This CD includes many more images taken during the creation of the book as part of a historical collection of more than 1,000 modern stereo pairs and anaglyphs.
The Parallax Player even allows anaglyphs to be viewed page-flipped or above and below with CrystalEyes or the Monitor Zscreen.
It can be visualized using a screen stereoscope or using anaglyphs Orthophoto 1998 Raster Orthorectified air photo from 1998 taken just after the landslide and flood disaster, made after generation of a gereference direct linear and resampling to the common georeference of the area.
Images can be viewed by creating anaglyphs and using filtered (i.