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moving or still pictures in contrasting colors that appear three-dimensional when superimposed

anything carved in low relief

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(27) Michael Goldman, "Rodriguez and 3D Post: Better Anaglyphs and Revised Workflow," Millimeter 33 (June 2005), 34.
The anaglyphs are among 1,642 observations containing 3.6 terabytes of data and 148,000 image products that HiRISE released to the Planetary Data System, or the PDS.
Figure 5 presents an anaglyph and a stereo pair of the middle Euphrates river valley in Syria.
There are two types of passive stereo: (i) anaglyph based and (ii) polarized.
Use the viewer included with the issue to see the anaglyphs. Hold its tab in your right hand so the red lens covers your left eye and blue lens covers your right eye.
Sample products include modified combined-obstacle overlays (MCOOs), lines-of-communication maps, bridge/road maps, elevation maps, largescale (1:25,000; 1:15,000) maps of the area of operations, satellite-imagery maps, anaglyphs (three-dimensional [3-D] redblue maps viewed with 3-D glasses), flythrough videos, and almost any other type of map the commander may want.
Image projections (extended focal length) were created using Confocal Assistant (Software version 4.02), and three-dimensional (3D) stereo anaglyphs were produced using Laser Sharp (Bio-Rad Laboratories) and Confocal Assistant.
This CD includes many more images taken during the creation of the book as part of a historical collection of more than 1,000 modern stereo pairs and anaglyphs.
Lorca hosted mass poetry-writing sessions in his room, during which he and his friends invented four-line nonsense poems called "anaglyphs." "Tea,/ tea,/ hen/ and Teotoc[acute{o}]puli," read one.
StarStrider has options for both monochrome and color anaglyphs. The former seemed to produce a stronger 3-D effect than the color versions, which appeared to be a compromise between full color and full 3-D.
Interestingly, I later found out that an identical manual procedure had been used by Tim Parker of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory with Adobe Photoshop to produce the fantastic super-resolution mosaic panoramas and 3-D anaglyphs from the Mars Pathfinder lander camera.
Experience cutting-edge anaglyph Web 2.0 and hardware tools, as well as free online resources that will make your elementary curriculum come to life!