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3) See Taberner, "Feigning the Anaesthetization of Literary Inventiveness;" Distorted Reflections; and "Private Failings.
16) This means that very little concern is felt over what happens to these transient characters, who have neither the physical nor the charismatic stature of the giants and their companions, and this leads to an anaesthetization of the moral sensibilities which might normally protest against such brutality.
veiled by the allurements of their windows" (98), but they are also invoked to denounce the anaesthetization of society through the commodification of history as entertainment: "John Mills and Kenneth More in cheerful re-enactments of the war.
Flies were collected on the day of eclosion and sorted by sex without anaesthetization.
The major products manufactured in this industry include instruments for: Operations: in basic surgery, microsurgery, neurosurgery, ENT (ear, nose and throat) departments, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, ophthalmology; Injections and punctures: such as injectors, irrigators, cleaners, glass test tubes, injection needles; Common diagnosis: such as thermometers, blood-pressure meters, stethoscopes, pulmonary ergometers; Infusions, blood collection and blood transfusion; Respiration support, anaesthetization and suction; TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments: such as acupuncture needles, moxibustion instruments, TCM hooks; Veterinary uses; Artificial insemination.
In this study 10% lignocaine spray was used only twice or maximum three times in the preoperative area, 5-10min before induction and the most important is technique used to spray the valecula is like the IDL (indirect Laryngoscopy) way will achieve the proper anaesthetization of posterior part of tongue and valecula resulting in better outcome.
Blood was obtained from the abdominal aorta of rats after anaesthetization.
In Barthes's conception of culture as a mass of deluded consumers deprived of the capacity for self-analysis or ethical insight, there is no explicit acknowledgement of this crucial shift from an ethically empowered critical imagination to the collective anaesthetization of the fascinated consciousness.