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Magnesium sulfate was shown to induce high mortality (>90%) after anaesthetization in scallops (Pecten fumatus) with a similar concentration of 80 g/L MgS[O.sub.4] (Heasman et al.
Not only do they crop up in the description of the shopkeepers "resuming their old ploys as if history could be circumvented and the war (what war?) veiled by the allurements of their windows" (98), but they are also invoked to denounce the anaesthetization of society through the commodification of history as entertainment: "John Mills and Kenneth More in cheerful re-enactments of the war.
Flies were collected on the day of eclosion and sorted by sex without anaesthetization. Radiolabeled males were then maintained in 8-dram vials containing medium, live yeast, and no more than nine other same-sex individuals; radiolabeled females were discarded.
In this study 10% lignocaine spray was used only twice or maximum three times in the preoperative area, 5-10min before induction and the most important is technique used to spray the valecula is like the IDL (indirect Laryngoscopy) way will achieve the proper anaesthetization of posterior part of tongue and valecula resulting in better outcome.
Blood samples were collected in each group immediately before thoracotomy and after anaesthetization ([T.sub.1]) or after experiments ([T.sub.2]).
Blood was obtained from the abdominal aorta of rats after anaesthetization. A portion of blood was centrifuged at 4[degrees]C and 3000 rpm for 10 min after sitting at room temperature for 30 min.
In Barthes's conception of culture as a mass of deluded consumers deprived of the capacity for self-analysis or ethical insight, there is no explicit acknowledgement of this crucial shift from an ethically empowered critical imagination to the collective anaesthetization of the fascinated consciousness.
The transfers of flies that initiated the mating trials were performed without anaesthetization.
Unfortunately, it requires repeated capture and anaesthetization and blood sampling, which, in itself, causes stress, so this sampling process is often not feasible for field studies (Millspaugh and Washburn, 2004).
After complete anaesthetization mice were placed in stereotactic frame (David Kopf Instruments, CA, USA), skin on the head was cut, and a small hole in the skull was made using surgical drill.
Briefly, after anaesthetization, 250 ml phase I solution (118 mM NaCI, 4.7 mM KCl, 1.2 mM [KH.sub.2][PO.sub.4] and 25 mM [NaHCO.sub.3] pH 7.4; 37 [degrees]C was perfused through portal vein for 15 min, followed by 250 ml phase II solution (phase I solution plus 3 mlvi [CaCl.sub.2], 1.2 mM [MgSO.sub.4] containing 0.2 mg/ml collagenase; pH 7.4; 37 [degrees]C) for 15 min.