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At the beginning and after the exercise test the blood glucose was measured and during the test the anaerobic threshold was used to verify the influence of both measures on the athlete's performance.
Patients' inability to perform a preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise test or demonstrate an anaerobic threshold is associated with inferior outcomes after major colorectal surgery.
Anaerobic threshold describes the exercise intensity that can be sustained for long periods of time without excess accumulation of lactic acid.
(2007) Determination of the anaerobic threshold and maximal lactate steady state speed in equines using the lactate minimum speed protocol.
Running economy (RE) was assessed before and after intervention for the last 30 sec of the second stage of the test (5:30 to 6:00 min) at identical running speed, which was consistently kept below the anaerobic threshold. Running Economy was calculated using V[O.sub.2] * [kg.sup.-0.75] * [min.sup.-1].
CPET Variables at Anaerobic Threshold. Regarding the work capacity on the anaerobic threshold, there were no significant differences at entry, but significant differences (p < 0.05) at T2 for [VO.sub.2] and [VCO.sub.2].
Respiratory rate is a valid and reliable marker for the anaerobic threshold: implications for measuring change in fitness.
This is essential to marathon training, because by increasing the time you can run just under your anaerobic threshold, you'll help tremendously to avoid hitting the Wall late in your race.
Anaerobic threshold in children: determination from saliva analysis in field tests.
Peak [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] was determined and the minute ventilation-carbon dioxide production (VE/CV[O.sub.2]) slope was used to estimate the anaerobic threshold (AT).
Push pace to raise anaerobic threshold or lactic threshold.