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a metabolic process that breaks down carbohydrates and sugars through a series of reactions to either pyruvic acid or lactic acid and releases energy for the body in the form of ATP

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Having studied briefly the work of Buteyko practitioners, who work with breathing as a tool for health, I wondered if low oxygen levels might further contribute to the shift towards anaerobic metabolism.
A 25-m swim trial significantly correlates with IS and TS, emphasizing the important contribution of anaerobic metabolism for these exercise types in both water polo players and swimmers.
Training shifts the boundary between aerobic and anaerobic metabolism gradually to the right and slightly up, as we see in the moderately shaded area "2".
Previous studies showed an increase in blood lactate concentration in anaerobic metabolism of horses (Ferraz et al.
We hypothesized that an exercise prescription favoring anaerobic metabolism would reduce the patient's musculoskeletal symptoms and increase functional activity tolerance.
Effects of caffeine ingestion on performance and anaerobic metabolism during the Wingate test.
The measurements, although laborious and time-consuming, were regarded as quantitative with respect to the severity of anaerobic metabolism and therefore predictive of the prognosis of patients with major impairment in the blood circulation, especially during the states of low blood flow of circulatory shock (1).
This change in rate of anaerobic metabolism takes place because of the need for extra adenosinetriphospate (ATP) for powering the increased muscle demands of exercise.
More specifically, it has been proposed and supported by in vitro experimentation that glucose is always converted to lactate (Schurr, 2006; Schurr & Payne, 2007), contrary to the classical view that the conversion of glucose to lactate only occurs during anaerobic metabolism (Champe, Harvey, & Ferrier, 2005; Hillered et al.
A common belief is that a compromised circulation with exercise increases anaerobic metabolism, resulting in an increase in lactic acid production and a depletion of ATP and creatinine phosphate, leading to pain.
reuteri produces a non-peptide low-molecular-mass antimicrobial substance--reuterin--during the anaerobic metabolism of glycerol.
Neuronal damage caused by elevated serum glucose levels is thought to be related to continuing anaerobic metabolism and an increased concentration of lactate and hydrogen ions.
It appears that the whales dive so long that they use up most of their oxygen stores and need to resort to anaerobic metabolism for part of their dives.
In this context the (almost) anaerobic metabolism at blastula stage embryo could reflect the existence of multi-cellular organisms in the deep anoxic Earth while the transition to aerobic metabolism at gastrula could be related to the evolution towards tridermic organisms around 2 billion years ago.
The (almost) anaerobic metabolism during early embryonic stages has been reported in a wide range of species and therefore could be a general rule in embryonic development.