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an organism (especially a bacterium) that does not require air or free oxygen to live

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2,9) The most frequently reported anaerobes include Peptostreptococcus, Prevotella, Fusobacterium, Propionibacterium and Bacteroides.
5% of cases of vertebral osteomyelitis were found to be due to anaerobes, but none were due to P melaninogenicus.
The filing also included in vitro data against both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, and anaerobes, including drug-resistant pathogens.
Supporting this model is new research suggesting that many newly identified sulfate-reducing bacteria thrive on foods they were previously thought to shun, including acetate, carbon dioxide and propionate -- chemicals the mid-tier anaerobes might well generate.
Suitability of specimen: A list of common surgical/clinical specimens suitable for culture of bacteria, anaerobes, fungus, and mycobacteria or acid-fast bacillus (AFB) are presented in Table 1.
However, penicillin-resistant aerobes and anaerobes as well as gram-negative organisms have also been detected in PTA cultures.
Most infections are polymicrobial, and culture often yields growth of anaerobes or facultative anaerobes such as streptococcal species.
An investigation of the cultural reactions of certain anaerobes found in wounds.
Patients were randomized to 7-14 days of either daptomycin, 4 mg/kg/day intravenously once a day; vancomycin, 1 gintravenously every 12 hours; or a semisynthetic penicillin, such as oxacillin, 4-12 g/day intravenously four to six times per day Patients coinfected with anaerobes or gram-negative pathogens also got metronidazole or aztreonam.
Roughly 80% of acute PID in patients under age 25 occurs secondary to the spread of lower genital tract chlamydia and/or gonococcal infections, but facultative aerobes such as Gardnerella vaginalis, anaerobes, and genital mycoplasmas also are frequent culprits.
Anaerobic bacteria are the most abundant microbes in the GI tract and Gram-negative anaerobes are instrumental in maintaining bowel health.
02 mg / kg,- The maximum content of impurities to 7%- Minimum protein content - 9%- The content of anaerobes - absent in 0.
A Drug's Activity Against Anaerobes is the Leading Attribute in Antibiotic Selection, According to a New Report from AMR and Decision Resources
15) The synergy between the two pathogens accounts for the aggressive nature of this disease; the removal of oxygen by the facultative aerobes allows the obligate anaerobes to flourish.
Although meningeal infections with anaerobes are rare, delayed diagnosis and treatment can be potentially fatal.