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Synonyms for Aphrodite

goddess of love and beauty and daughter of Zeus in ancient mythology


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The genus Anadyomene is found in tropical and temperate regions of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans as well as in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas (Littler and Littler, 1991; Alves et al.
The Venus Anadyomene is considered to be one of the outstanding mythological paintings of Titian's early maturity.
The National Gallery of Scotland has acquired the 500-year-old Venus Anadyomene from the Trustees of the Duke of Sutherland.
The hunchback in a bikini is Medusa, and Aphrodite Anadyomene (in earlier versions of the title [Burt 701n]), yet also Logos: "that one word moving in lonely// And absolute arrogance across the blank/I Page of the world.
Aphrodite anadyomene (the beginning of spring in the Algarve).
Ryan Price and Tony Murray are the top team at Ayr as Anadyomene beats Vanua (Tom Jones/Edward Hide) in the mile-and-five heat, and Duke Ellington
73) But more than that, Aphrodite Anadyomene exists because of a prior act of violence against a male god: The castration and mutilation of Uranos.
Although the loans orchestrated for this exhibition by Ilchman and his collaborators at the Louvre, Jean Habert and Vincent Delieuvin, are remarkable for their quality and number--the Titians, which include the Venus Anadyomene from Edinburgh, the Farnese version of Danae (Fig.
The highly acclaimed exhibition, on tour from the National Gallery of Scotland, will focus on Titian's masterpiece, Venus Anadyomene (Venus Rising from the Sea).
Agardh) Olsen and West (Valonia ventricosa in T:101) C L, F, S *Dictyosphaeria cavernosa (Forsskal) Borgesen (T:116) C L, F Family Anadyomenaceae Anadyomene stellata (Wulfen) C.