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Anacyclus pyrethrum DC (AP) is a plant belonging to the Asteracea family.
Extracts of Anacyclus pyrethrum are ethnopharmacologically used to treat various diseases.
In the Mediterranean wide flora, Anacyclus pyrethrum L.
Previous chemical studies show that Anacyclus pyrethrum has immunostimuling properties (Bendjeddou, 2010).
Oral administration of a purified lipidic extracts from Lepidium meyenii and Anacyclus pyrethrum increased intromissions and mounts frequency in normal mice (Zheng et al.
Effect of petroleum ether extract of Anacyclus pyrethrurn DC on sexual behaviour in male rats.
The family of Asteraceae is represented by five exploited species: Calendula officinalis L., Santolina rosmarinifolia L., Matricaria chamomilla L., Anacyclus pyrethrum L.
Chamomile Matricaria chamomilla L Pyrethrum Anacyclus pyrethrum L.
chih lekhrissi 55 Anacyclus homogamos (Maire) ghadou mlal Humphries 56 Anacyclus pyrethrum (L.) Link tindazt, tawanzawiyis 57 Arctium atlanticum (Pomel) H.
DOBIGNARD & CHATELAIN, 2011 Anacyclus pyrethrum (L.) A BELLAKHDAR, 1997; Link.
Las especies que han aparecido en todas las escombreras han sido Anacyclus clavatus, Eryngium campestre, Hordeum murinum, Lactuca serriola, Medicago sativa, Onopordum nervosum, Papaver rhoeas y Plantago lanceolata, y solo han faltado en una escombrera las especies Bromus diandrus, Bromus madritensis, Carduus tenuiflorus y Silybum marianum.
D2 Ephe T (MO) 187 Anacyclus clavatus (Desf.) D2 Ephe T Pers.