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Both purified pellitorine, as well as the ethanolic extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum were used in this study to investigate if there was a difference in penetration of pellitorine through human skin, as co-compounds in the plant extract could influence the skin penetration as well.
Analytical characterisation of the Anacyclus pyrethrum extract
The Anacyclus pyrethrum root extract was prepared as previously described (Boonen et al.
Pellitorine was isolated and purified from the Anacyclus pyrethrum extract by means of semi-preparative HPLC as follows.
Dose solutions of the Anacyclus pyrethrum extract and the purified pellitorine were prepared in 30:70 [H.
Human skin was used and the analyses were done in fourfold for the purified pellitorine and in sextuplicate for the Anacyclus pyrethrum extract, using a randomised blocked design.
The purity of the Anacyclus pyrethrum extract and the purified pellitorine was determined by HPLC-UV.
4 for both the purified pellitorine and pellitorine in the Anacyclus pyrethrum extract.
Phytochemical study was achieved only with Anacyclus pyrethrum L.
Anacyclus Pyrethrum EO from Algeria is dominated by germacrene-D and defined by the germacrene-D chemotype (Selles, 2012; Selles et al, 2013).
Anacyclus pyrethrum therefore appears to be a plant rich in secondary metabolites.
Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources: Anacyclus pyrethrum L.
Immunologically Active Polysaccharides Isolated from Anacyclus pyrethrum.
In vitro antibacterial activity of the methanolic and aqueous extracts of Anacyclus pyrethrum used in moroccan traditional medicine.
Comparative phytochemistry and systematics of Anacyclus.