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large arboreal boa of tropical South America

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ORLANDO, Fla., Safar 21, 1437, December 03, 2015, SPA -- A Florida man discovered a 9-foot anaconda slithering along a river in Brevard County on Wednesday, according to UPI.
Yellow anacondas are constrictors and belong to the same family as the world's largest snakes including pythons and boas.
7 its latest cry for attention was answered, in the form of 4.1 million cable television viewers tuning in to Eaten Alive -- a special that was supposedly going to involve a man getting eaten by a massive anaconda.
Delcianna Winders, the PETA foundation's deputy general counsel, said that if Discovery's promo for the show is to be believed, an anaconda snake was tormented and suffered for the sake of ratings.
To ensure he doesn't get pulped by the anaconda's digestive organs, naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie will wear a custom-built snake-proof suit.
Right: Reptile Keeper Becky Scott - who discovered the birth - with one of the green anacondas.
"The four green coloured baby anacondas -- two males and two females -- of around two feet in length each, were flown into Chennai from a Sri Lankan zoo, to be further carried on Air India's domestic flight AI 674 to Mumbai.
"One of the things we were seeing was anacondas. We were there up that river for a month and saw seven."
Anacondas can grow up to 25ft long and the snake Niall and the team came across measured 19ft, weighed 100kg and had a 27-inch girth.
Anacondas: Trail Of Blood (15) DVD pounds 19.99/ Anaconda DVD Box Set pounds 29.99 IN the fourth film in the Anaconda series, which debuts on DVD, terminally ill businessman Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies) hopes to cheat death by harnessing the power of a snake with the blood orchid in its system.
One expert said: "It would make today's biggest pythons and anacondas seem cuddly."
DNA and the Anaconda Invasion is actually a short, colorful, and wacky graphic novel for young readers, about a sudden invasion of South America's anacondas in Hollywood.
Johnny Knoxville suffers at the teeth of anacondas and on the horns of bulls, to name but a few of his trials.
They range from angry anacondas, to cute baby an odd shot of a leopardskin rug.