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large arboreal boa of tropical South America

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Safar 21, 1437, December 03, 2015, SPA -- A Florida man discovered a 9-foot anaconda slithering along a river in Brevard County on Wednesday, according to UPI.
Yellow anacondas are constrictors and belong to the same family as the world's largest snakes including pythons and boas.
In his job as documentarist, Rosolie had gone with poachers to film the illegal trade in endangered species, including the anaconda, which could grow up to 6.
Right: Reptile Keeper Becky Scott - who discovered the birth - with one of the green anacondas.
The four green coloured baby anacondas -- two males and two females -- of around two feet in length each, were flown into Chennai from a Sri Lankan zoo, to be further carried on Air India's domestic flight AI 674 to Mumbai.
The 19ft Anaconda was snared by Niall McCann, 29, a research biologist from Cardiff, on the banks of the Rewa River in Guyana during a research expedition.
AN INTREPID explorer - dubbed the real-life Indiana Jones - has told of the moment he crept up on an anaconda and snared the 19-foot beast.
VIPERED OUT The monster snake lived 60 million years ago Colombia 11:00 am 60,000,000BC; SSSUPERSIZED Huge fossil bone, right, compared to that of a modern anaconda, left
Several owners and tenants operated the mine over the years, including the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), which purchased Anacondas interest in 1977 (and was itself later swallowed up by British Petroleum).
Only snag is some large man-eating anacondas are in the way.
The foundation mounts nature exhibits at the airport in San Fernando de Apure, is pushing for creation of a 20,000-hectare forest reserve and is keeping a census of local ospreys and anacondas.
Of course, lying about size is not uncommon in Hollywood, but, the truth is, most anacondas are only about half as long as the movie's snake.
Many of my fondest memories of Venezuela have anacondas in them.
The anacondas will initially be kept in quarantine in order for them to acclimatise to their new home and bond with the zookeepers.
TV presenter and herpetologist Mark O'Shea co-ordinated the move of two fully-grown green Anacondas at the West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley.