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Synonyms for anachronism

something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred

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an artifact that belongs to another time

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a person who seems to be displaced in time

References in classic literature ?
My battery captain called me a Pachydermatous Anachronism the other day."
"You are too young--it is an anachronism for you to have such thoughts," said Will, energetically, with a quick shake of the head habitual to him.
Ward, and he shares no part of his being with any vagabond anachronism from the younger world.
The same anachronism is made later on in this book.
(5) A few lines further on, in a sentence that this paper implicitly aims to illuminate, Rossetti confesses that his anachronisms are deliberately superficial: "I have purposely taken an unimportant phrase here and there from the old things [traditional ballads]."
Indeed, Life's Little Instruction Book--advice offered by a father to a college-bound son in the 1990s--might be seen as a compendium of anachronisms. For Ralph Ellison, writing in the 1960s, anachronism is "that imbalance in American society" produced by injustice "which leads to a distorted perception of social reality." Ellison went on to argue that Romare Bearden counteracted such cloudy vision, in his collages, by transforming anachronism into "style, a device of his personal vision." So too--albeit through an entirely different set of art-historical devices-does Lewis.
Throw in a time-travel element, "Life on Mars" like anachronisms and the desire to get home again, and there's plenty of material to mine in this promising hour, which, like most such exercises, fares best if you don't overburden the concept with a lot of thought or questions.
"This is Just one of many anachronisms In the Bible, but these do not detract from its sanctity, because it is a spiritual source, not a historical one," he said.
Glaring anachronisms go unnoticed among the prurient who sit, goggleeyed, for a joyous coupling to shock and disturb them.
But over the last few decades too many Jewish delis have become anachronisms. They became focused on quantity over quality, relying on nostalgia to bring people to the counter, rather than deliciousness.
But viewers spotted apparent anachronisms - such as the use of the word boyfriend, the sight of a TV aerial fixed to a home, a modern-style conservatory and double yellow lines on a road - in the first series.
A number of essays are particularly enjoyable: Margreta de Grazia's lucid 'Anachronism' rehabilitates Lorenzo Valla's De falso credita et ementita Constantini donatione declamatio (1440), for example, debunking key contemporary scholarship to show that 'It is not the forger's anachronisms that incense Valla, but his barbarisms' (p.
Except it's the 90s and, while the world has moved on, they haven't, with parents Mike and Carol (Gary Cole and Shelly Long) and their brood now anachronisms rather than the loved, slightly goofy family.
In this context anachronisms are like vehicles and channels to timelessness or a place outside time, to a mythic history, mythscape.
And if English lost all of its glorious anachronisms - the difference between there and their, and principal and principle, for instance - what on earth would children learn at school?