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The biology of most of the anacharitines remains unknown, although the aphidfeeding larvae of Hemerobidae (Neuroptera) have been described as the hosts of Solenofigites lautus Diaz, 1979 (Diaz 1979), Anacharis australiensis Ashmead, 1901 and Xyalaspis victoriensis (New 1979), Anacharis immunis (Walker, 1835) (Kyerich 1984), Aegilips atricornis Fergusson, 1985, A.
In the early 1950s, a Missouri fish and plant farmer imported some specimens, thinking it was a form of anacharis, a common aquarium foliage.
There are underwater plants, such as anacharis, that release oxygen and help control algae.
Anacharis plants were grown in copper solutions ranging from 1 00 ppm to 3 00 ppm for several weeks.
The small pot shown at left contains water lettuce (Pistia), dwarf papyrus, a water lily, and anacharis (Egeria densa), an oxygenating grass.