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Astronium graveolens and Astronium fraxinifolium of the Family Anacardiaceae
Leaf architecture of Anacardiaceae, phylogeny and biogeography.
Rhus coriaria commonly called sumac or sumach, is a perennial plant that belongs to the anacardiaceae family, one of approximately 250 species of the Rhus genus.
Anacardiaceae family comprises many medicinal species from which a number of biologically active substances such as phenol derivatives have been isolated.
Studies in the family Anacardiaceae, I: Vascular anatomy of the flower of Mangifera indica L.
Inflorescence morphology of some South American Anacardiaceae and the possible phylogenetic trends.
Family: Anacardiaceae, local name: zika) are two common plants found in the wild and by the roadsides and wastelands of Bangladesh.
1948 The ontogeny of the laticiferous canals in the Anacardiaceae.
Plants belonging to the families Acoraceae, Anacardiaceae, Moringaceae, Oxalidaceae, and Solanaceae families were used only in Tangail district.
The Anacardiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, and Piperaceae families were represented by three plants per family.
Sangue-de-adave, pau-sangue Anacardiaceae Schinus molle L.
Families/species/ Fruits Mass Puparia municipalities C/I: (n) (g) (n) Anacardiaceae Spondias mombin L.