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any of a group of synthetic steroid hormones used to stimulate muscle and bone growth

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President Obama was expected to sign the bill, which provides new authority to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to place designer anabolic steroids on the Controlled Substance Schedules more rapidly.
DASCA will protect consumers as well as responsible companies by empowering the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with new tools to identify and rapidly respond when illegal drugs in the form of new designer anabolic steroids are falsely marketed as dietary supplements.
A FULL hearing into trainer Philip Fenton's charges of alleged anabolic steroid possession takes place at Carrickon-Suir District Court in County Tipperary today, almost two years after the yard inspection that triggered the case, writes Jessica Lamb.
Physicians at the University Hospital, Sharjah (UHS) have warned against the use of illegal anabolic steroids (S), saying they have serious consequences with regards to male fertility and could lead to infertility.
Gyms, which exist to promote and provide exercise, have a real responsibility to cut the use of anabolic steroids - before more lives are lost.
Results indicated that users of ergogenic supplements were more likely to believe in the effectiveness of nonmedical anabolic steroids.
Officers from the drug squad and officials from the pharmaceutical services carried out a search at the store and found 575 pills and nine bottles of liquid believed to be anabolic steroids.
Co-author Jim McVeigh, from the Centre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University, said that people injecting themselves with anabolic steroids and associated drugs are the biggest client group at many needle and syringe programs in the UK.
Mancini, adding that there's also danger from the side effects of anabolic steroids.
I and the vast multitude of Equestrian Sport lovers in the UAE are absolutely delighted to hear of the strong stand that His Highness Shaikh Mohammmad has taken against the importation of anabolic steroids into the UAE which will effectively stop the use of the drug in this country," said Buckley who won the Grand National in 1962.
Newmarket-based Al Zarooni was banned for eight years last Thursday after he admitted administering anabolic steroids to 15 horses in his care.
TRAINER John Berry believes it would be "very, very sad" if fellow Newmarket handler Gerard Butler were to lose his licence after admitting mistakenly using anabolic steroids on some of his horses.
Last Thursday, Godolphin handler Mahmood Al Zarooni was warned off for eight years after admitting giving 15 of Sheikh Mohammed's horses anabolic steroids.
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) -- A former College of Southern Idaho baseball player has pleaded guilty to selling anabolic steroids.