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a Protestant movement in the 16th century that believed in the primacy of the Bible, baptised only believers, not infants, and believed in complete separation of church and state

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The Anabaptists, contrarily, continued the course of medieval evangelical life.
For Mennonites and other Anabaptists, the Martyrs Mirror provided a constant reminder of the physical cost of adhering to particular Anabaptist understandings of the Christian faith.
Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies
The political protest of believer's/adult baptism: Anabaptists soon developed a quite comprehensive and broad (although mosaic) theology of baptism.
It gives no opinion on the currently debated issue of whether or not the Munster Anabaptists had genuinely expansionist aims, as the besiegers unceasingly claimed.
In this spirit, Dorothy Yoder Nyce, writing on the fiftieth anniversary of "The Anabaptist Vision," in 1994, questioned the viability of the Anabaptist vision of Bender and his milieu in light of its failure to challenge patriarchal order.
Goshen College and an ordained minister in the Mennonite Church) is a 128 page compendium comprised of erudite commentary on the Christian vocation within an Anabaptist historical context and in the present day.
That Anabaptists as well as Catholics bore some responsibility for the fragmentation of the church and that the suffering of Catholic martyrs should be honored by Mennonite Christians were both ideas repeated in Mennonite reports.
7) For many Anabaptists, especially those more inclined to trust the authority of the Holy Spirit over the commands of the "dead" letter, both men and women wielded charismatic authority in their communities.
The Roman Catholics do it through commissioned eucharistic readers and many Anabaptists allow it because of a different theological approach.
GENEVA -- Lutheran Worm Federation leaders plan to apologize for their ancestors' 16th-century persecution of Anabaptists, religious reformers whose successors include Mennonites and the Amish.
What separates the Anabaptists from most other Christian sects?
Dipple's analysis runs the spectrum of the Radical Reformation: from the Saxon radicals of Karlstadt and Thomas Muntzer, to the Anabaptists of Switzerland, Moravia, and the Netherlands, and finally to the Spiritualists, especially Sebastian Franck.
Then speaking for Anabaptists he said, "Probably, if we were to be fully honest, we would need to challenge more clearly the Catholic axiom that assumed the authority of the councils and therefore of the creeds.
Some references to works by Erasmus, Luther, and Hutten reach back a little further, and in the case of the Anabaptists the discussion is expanded to include some works written later in the sixteenth century.