Anabaptist denomination

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a Protestant sect denying infant baptism and baptising only believers

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The concept of the "living word" was the basis of the spiritual authority of the "servants of the word" in the Anabaptist denominations emerging from the Hans Hut tradition in Moravia.
Considered theologically, historically, or in manner of life, they were not so different from his own Anabaptist denomination, which also shunned television, movies, jewelry, makeup, alcohol, higher education, and worldliness in general.
In sources from the 1540s and 1550s, this Anabaptist denomination appears under the appellation "Fellows of the Covenant," a more appropriate phrase than the auxiliary term "Marpeck Circle," which has become increasingly popular among historians of Marpeck.
(1.) James Stayer, "Pilgram Marpeck and the Austerlitz Brethren: A 'Disappeared' Anabaptist Denomination," Menno Simons Lecture at Bethel College, North Newton, Kan., Nov.
In 2006 a team of scholars conducted social science surveys of three Anabaptist denominations in the U.S.