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She utilized the best means available to her as a woman of her time," "Margerethe Pruss of Strasbourg," Snyder and Huebert Hecht, Profiles of Anabaptist Women, 270.
Not surprisingly, Anabaptist Munster, with its tales of polygamy and communism, its lurid accounts of the excesses of Jan of Leiden's pantomime court, all played out before the backdrop of the instruments of state terror, has held the attention of both contemporaries and subsequent generations.
They reflect his many interests through the years, ranging from changes in the self-understanding of Anabaptist churches to contemporary issues that churches today face, issues of nonviolence, and shaping an appropriate spirituality that is faithful to Anabaptist traditions yet meets the challenges faithful Christians encounter today.
Then speaking for Anabaptists he said, "Probably, if we were to be fully honest, we would need to challenge more clearly the Catholic axiom that assumed the authority of the councils and therefore of the creeds.
His basic methodology is to reflect on sixteenth-century Anabaptism and contemporary Anabaptist theologians in the light of biblical material, and to draw a coherent and structured conclusion in order to build a systematic theology.
Social ethicists are the most likely theological community to take account of the Anabaptist tradition.
After providing a brief but effective overview of the early history of the Anabaptist movement in Europe, Arthur focuses his attention on the events that led to the takeover in 1534 of the German city of Munster by the Anabaptists as well as their eventual defeat in 1535.
The "Anabaptist Vision" as promulgated by a leading interpreter and spokesman in the 20th century, Harold S.
Good general accounts of Anabaptism are rare in English, and this English edition, based on a 1988 revision and incorporating some material on English Anabaptists, and a new chapter on the `ordinary' Anabaptist, is most welcome.
The English separatists who established the first Baptist churches practiced adult baptism and certain other Anabaptist beliefs, although not the doctrine of polygamy.
Leon McBeth, argued that the Baptist tradition developed out of English Separatism and rejected any notion of influence from the sixteenth century Anabaptist movement or earlier dissenters.
Sisters: Myth and Reality of Anabaptist, Mennonite, and Doopsgezind Women, ca.
Stuart Murray, The Naked Anabaptist: The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith.
The comparative study of Anabaptist persecution and witch persecution in a number of lands where Anabaptism flourished, such as in the Northern and Southern Netherlands, southern Germany, and the Tirol, adds weight to the Monter thesis that the last great outbreak of the witch hunt occurred in places where Anabaptism had disappeared and was conducted by some of the same authorities.
Mennonites trace their roots to the Anabaptist movement of the 16th century when early leaders such as Menno Simons--a former Catholic priest-challenged the Protestant Reformation for not going far enough.