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a Protestant movement in the 16th century that believed in the primacy of the Bible, baptised only believers, not infants, and believed in complete separation of church and state

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Rorty's more famous grandfather learned his undogmatic, mystical style of Anabaptism from Ludwig Keller in Munster.
Any future scholarship on Holmes County and conservative Anabaptism will need to consider Beachy's account of not only the main streams of Amish and Mennonite life in this community, but also the numerous eddies and ditches of nonconference and post-denominational Anabaptism that crowd the spiritual landscape of eastern Holmes County.
Anabaptism contrasted the way of the cross with that of Christendom.
I admit that my parallel becomes problematic here, for Islam is a profoundly widespread and heteroglossic religion, while Anabaptism is a small and relatively homogeneous subset of the Christian faith.
Walter Klaassen, "The Rise of the Baptism of Adult Believers in Swiss Anabaptism," in Anabaptism Revisited: Essays on Anabaptist / Menmnite Studies in Honor of C.
In many ways this essay is a continuation of the perspectives and explorations of my recent Songs from an Empty Cage: Poetry, Mystery, Anabaptism, and Peace.
While his work on Christian ethics helped define Anabaptism to an audience far outside the Mennonite Church, he is also remembered for his long-term sexual harassment and abuse of women.
The disaffection seems to be in direct portion to other theological trends, including: the recovery of Thomistic thought from easy caricatures of scholasticism; renewed interest in the virtues and moral teleology, which ostensibly were eclipsed by Reformation understandings of grace alone; increasing attention to the importance of Anabaptism and the Radical Reformation, especially among those experimenting with countercultural forms of church or writing political theology (whose numbers are quickly increasing); and finally, rising discontent with American individualism, moral relativism, far-reaching consumerism, the privatization and then alleged disappearance of religion, and a host of other conditions of the late modern era that together we call "secularism.
Particular essays analyze the metaphysics of gender, the historiographic import of patriarchy in studying early modern Europe, demonic possessions and gender in late medieval culture, gender and family in early modern German Anabaptism, male witches and masculinity in early modern Finnish witchcraft trials, gendered suicide in Sweden, among other topics.
Bender organized a conference on Anabaptism at which Franklin Littell presented a chapter of his Yale doctoral dissertation on the missionary dynamics of the sixteenth-century Anabaptists, adding a missional dimension to Bender's earlier threefold "essence of Anabaptism.
As a result many Latino pastors had no notion of what it meant to be a Mennonite, knew little about peace theology, and had no familiarity with the history of Anabaptism.
Intriguingly, there are no references to the highly important reference works and source collections on the Anabaptist movements that made this scholarship possible (Mennonite Encyclopedia, Bibliography of Anabaptism, Tauferakten, Bibliothecum Dissidentium, and so forth).
Williams presenting new work on the radicals and Anabaptists, giving the historical world what was seen as "authentic, nonnative Anabaptism," to serious critiques of this narrative by Claus-Peter Clasen, James M.
Following in the path of Ernst Bloch, Taubes traces the influence of Muntzer on Anabaptism and Pietism, connecting thereby the early Johannine speculations, through Joachim, with the emergence of modernity.