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small freshwater spiny-finned fishes of Africa and southern Asia

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The climbing perch Anabas testudineus (Bloch 1792) is a teleost belonging to the family Anabantidae and order Perciformes.
The climbing perch, Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792) is a highly priced air breathing, freshwater food fish species belongs to the family Anabantidae and order Perciformes.
6%) respectively while Osteoglossidae, Channidae and Anabantidae were the least (1.
Ita (1978) included Osteoglossidae, Channidae and Anabantidae among the fishes that diminished in abundance at the creation of Kainji dam while Araoye (1997) reported similar case in Asa dam.
athari Pandey and Mehta 1986 from silurid (needs veification), of which Ctenopoma kingsleyae Gunther, 1896 of Anabantidae is distributed across Africa and Colisa fasciata (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) of Osphronemidae in Asia.