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a small wooded hollow


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An Daingean was a main departure point for pilgrims going to the shrine of St James the Apostle at Santiago de Compostela in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Mr Gormley said he is aware people of An Daingean, Co Kerry, want to change its name to the English and Irish version - Dingle Daingean Ui Chuis.
AN INTERNET poll over the change of name from Dingle to an Daingean received votes from the government department that backed the change.
In Offaly the kids of An Daingean creche did the sponsored Toddle Waddle and tonight Ferbane will see zombified Thriller fans join a worldwide record bid for the number of people doing the same dance at the same time.
The Government is demanding that it call itself An Daingean to conform with new legislation.
INDEPENDENT TD Jackie Healy Rae only agreed to back Bertie Ahern's coalition if An Daingean reverted to its old name Dingle.
This generation of civil servants are demanding that the official name of Dingle town is changed to An Daingean.
Dingle in Co Kerry has been at the centre of fierce debate since it was officially changed to An Daingean in 2005.
The Place Names Order - brought in last year - decided that Kerry tourist mecca Dingle should be known as An Daingean in future.
Dingle itself - or An Daingean as we're supposed to call it now - is extremely friendly and welcoming.
Red faces all round you would imagine - but, no, Minister O Cuiv is insisting An Daingean is correct.