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the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate

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He called it narco analysis but it was sodium amytal. They stripped me, put me in a white padded room.
The mitochondrial leak respiration ([V.sub.0]) was recorded in the medium supplemented with mitochondria and respiratory substrates: complex I dependent (5 mM glutamate + 5 mM malate) or complex II dependent (15 mM succinate + 2 mM amytal) but without ADP.
Intracarotid injection of sodium amytal for the lateralization of cerebral speech dominance: Experimental and clinical observations.
Amytal, it was believed, worked because it chemically bypassed repression and made it easier for patients to access painful memories that might otherwise remain buried in their psyche.
If indicated, intra-arterial amobarbital (Amytal) testing can be done to determine eloquence of the vascular territory distal to the lesion.
The effect of sodium amytal on the formation and elicitation of conditioned reflexes.
and "Ontological Episode of the Asylum," published six years later in Nothing for Tigers: Many of us in there would have given all (But we had nothing) for one small razor blade Or seventy grains of the comforting amytal.
And yes, it was suggested (in 1997) that I leave the clinic and rural population I had worked with when I refused to administer sodium amytal to help the clinic director communicate with more alters in several of the patients.
Sodium amytal is given by mouth after a light breakfast and methylphenidate is ingested from 10 to 15 minutes later.
He prescribed 30 sodium amytal pills to the 87-year-old former businesswoman in 1998 after she told him she had considered suicide.
According to Alison Winter, a science historian at the University of Chicago, who has studied the origins and applications of truth serum, the term that was used to describe the use of certain drugs, most commonly barbiturates like sodium amytal and sodium pentothal, to try to extract truthful statements from people about their past experiences.
Dr Iain Kerr, 61, prescribed 30 sodium amytal pills to the former businesswoman in 1998 after she told him she had considered suicide.
Dr Kerr, who had a surgery at the Williamwood Medical Centre in Clarkston, Glasgow, for 30 years, prescribed sodium amytal pills to five other patients, despite the fact four did not suffer from insomnia.
The General Medical Council was told Dr Iain Kerr, 61, admitted prescribing sodium amytal to the woman and others who wished to take their lives.