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Synonyms for amyloid

a non-nitrogenous food substance consisting chiefly of starch

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(pathology) a waxy translucent complex protein resembling starch that results from degeneration of tissue

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resembling starch

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Studies that looked into the amyloid protein have so far failed in attempts to find effective Alzheimer's treatment.
"Our work shows definitive evidence that the brain areas promoting wakefulness degenerate due to accumulation of tau -- not amyloid protein -- from the very earliest stages of the disease," said study senior author Dr.
If you join it together with our findings, it means that if you are not getting sufficient sleep across your lifespan, you are going to build up this amyloid protein. The more of it that builds up, the less deep sleep that you are able to generate -- and the less deep sleep that you have, the more Alzheimer's protein you develop.
Most of the work on developing a cure has concentrated on decreasing the formation and enhancing degradation of the amyloid protein via various different mechanisms and indeed studies using mice seem to have 'cured' the physiological changes on more than one occasion.
A newly designed membrane uses thin amyloid protein fibers to pull heavy metals and radioactive wastes out of water.
Among the topics are conformation-dependent antibodies as tools for characterizing amyloid protein aggregates, studying the molecular determinants of protein oligomerization in neurodegenerative disorders by bimolecular fluorence complimentation, possible function and toxicity of multiple oligomeric/conformational states of the globular protein human stefin B, structure-function studies of amyloid pores in Alzheimer's Disease as a case example of neurodegenerative diseases, and studying the structure and cytotoxicity of equine lysozyme complexes with oleic acid (ELOA) using bio-imaging techniques.
In addition to this, cysteine rich domains not directly play a major role with beta amyloid protein except at position Cys79, which belongs to CRD2 of p75NTR.
In addition to causing a toxic buildup of the amyloid protein, the gene could cause neurodegeneration by some other pathway, Dr.
The findings suggest that, in addition to causing a toxic buildup of the amyloid protein, the gene could cause neurodegeneration by some other pathway, Dr.
The ApoE4 variant allows the buildup of dangerous amyloid protein fragments in the brain, which are associated with AD as well as other neurological conditions, such as stroke and Down syndrome.
Further investigation revealed that cells containing more PGC-1alpha produced less of the toxic amyloid protein that accumulates i1n the brains of people with the disease.
Clumps of amyloid protein in the brain are associated with Alzheimer's in the rest of the population, so Goldstein et al.
Renal amyloidosis: correlations between morphology, chemical types of amyloid protein and clinical features.
Mice with a rodent equivalent of the disease showed a 50% reduction in levels of amyloid protein after scientists spiked their drinking water with caffeine.
Intellect's immunotherapy platforms aim to prevent the accumulation of aggregated beta amyloid protein fragments in the brain that are thought to be the root cause of Alzheimer's disease.