amyl nitrate

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a vasodilator that is sometimes used to treat angina pectoris

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Often sold in sex and joke shops, gay bars and clubs, amyl nitrates are frequently used to heighten sexual arousal and can give the perception of altering time.
Dr Kumar says: "Medical experts have suspected for a while that using Viagra simultaneously with liquid amyl nitrates can lead to stroke, heart attack or even death.
(16) In this study of 295 men living in San Francisco, unprotected anal sex (insertive or receptive) with partners of opposite or unknown serostatus was most prevalent during circuit parties outside the geographic area and was predicted by HIV-positive status and the use of crystal methamphetamines, sildenafil (Viagra), and amyl nitrates ("poppers").
Duesberg attributes KS in gay males to the use of amyl nitrates (poppers) as a sexual stimulant.