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a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement

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Honda began operation of Suzuka Circuit (Suzuka, Mie-prefecture) in 1962 as the first full-fledged international race course in Japan, but also as a place to promote a mobility culture, to host educational activities, to create the joy of mobility for individuals of all ages including younger generations and children, and as a facility that also features an amusement theme park and traffic safety education facilities.
Michael Egan fell in love with the travel business watching tourists come and go at Storyland, his parents' amusement theme park in Wisconsin, where he worked as a teenager some 40 years ago.
The concepts of amusement theme parks, recreational gaming centres, and family-centric music centre's receive little attention in Egypt despite the high demand from a vast market in the country.
However, in Central and Eastern Europe there is a notable absence of reputable amusement theme parks," says Tomas Novak, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, TNI Group.