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Putin's official website was tracking the tigress movements to highlight threats to the survival of the animal, also called the Amur tiger.
A zoo spokeswoman said: "The Amur leopards are considered critically endangered, with only 30 to 40 in the wild and 130 in captivity; their main decline is due to poachers and habitat loss."
HOME IMPROVEMENTS: One of three Amur tiger cubs with its father Yuri at Edinburgh Zoo yesterday
Amur leopards are very distinct from other leopards.
The breeding of Amur tigers in captivity is carefully controlled by an international stud book co-ordinator based at Leipzig Zoo in Germany.
Nearly 30,000 people have been affected by floods in three regions in Russia's Far East - the Amur Region, the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region - following heavy rains that caused the Amur River to burst its banks.
Amur will have a better chance if they can avoid silly penalties.
The subscription was priced at 2.165 pence per share, Amur's closing price in London on Friday last week.
KNOWSLEY Safari has staged its first Tiger Parade to raise awareness of the plight facing the endangered Amur tiger.
For the ultimate taste, there's the ultra rare Gold Amur caviar - a lucky evolution of sorts.
The Tiger Parade has been organised to raise awareness of the plight facing the endangered Amur Tiger.
Guests visiting throughout the summer will be able to immerse themselves in the Russian themed habitat and learn all about the Amur tiger - also known as the Siberian tiger.
Blair Drummond Safari Park is home to more than 250 rare, interesting and exotic animals, including its newest resident - a three-year-old female Amur tiger called Hope.