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I'm not a bird person but still this was a trip to the Amur prairie.
The findings show that the populations of Amur leopards and Siberian tigers are in a stage of rapid expansion.
We examined relationships between landscape-environmental conditions for the forest stand and changes in Amur honeysuckle over the 18 y time period by compiling data on the edge conditions and interior disturbances for each geo-referenced sample point and respective Thiessen polygon.
The total number of amur leopards living in the wild is believed to be no more than 50 worldwide, with about ten living in China, Sun said.
All the outbreaks in Yakutia and the Amur Region are localized.
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees helped the North Koreans, who were in Amur as migrant workers, defect and is currently dealing with applications of four other North Koreans who want to go to South Korea.
During the past 100 years, the Amur tiger population of the Russian Far East was decimated by forest destruction, trophy hunting, and poaching for tiger body parts to use in traditional Asian medicine.
Among the animals visitors can see will be the center's two newest fathers, Gigant, an Amur leopard, and Kangji, a North Chinese leopard.
The Edinburgh births are a boost to the conservation of the endangered Amur tigers, as Siberian tigers are now known.
Yann Martel unveiled the new home of five endangered Amur tigers at Edinburgh Zoo.
Adult male Amur tigers can weigh nearly 800 pounds and grow up to 10 feet long.
This second-generation solution consists of the Amur (S1215), a framer and multi-protocol data processing product, the nP3705 integrated network processor and traffic manager, and the modular MISSION application software suite.
Open competition: construction control over the repair of the motor road r-297 amur chita-nevers-svobodny-arkhara-birobidzhan-khabarovsk on the section km 225 + 000 - km 246 + 700, zabaikalsky krai
PEKyN (CyHAN)- Clear pictures and video of a rare Amur leopard were captured by infrared cameras in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, local forestry authorities said Thursday.
AMUR leopards, a fig-loving bat and critically endangered monkeys are among the top 10 mammals avoiding extinction with the help of zoos.