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a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breath


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She was a lady of the house or married women who played a musical instrument known as a "sistrum" during rituals in the temple of Amun-Re.
Moreover, he sees changes instituted by Hatshepsut placing the temple of Amun-Re at Kamak "at the centre of Egyptian religion," as pivotal in weakening the kingship and ultimately ushering in the domination of the priests of Amun over the king.
Across from Thebes, on the Nile's western shore, other temples the pharaohs built for Amun-Re hosted rituals intended to sustain the deceased king in the next life and perpetuate his transfiguration to the company of the gods.
The contents of the ostraca are unsurprisingly heterogeneous, ranging from part of the Amun-Re hymn attested in R Boulaq 17, trial tomb decoration, administrative documents, and model letters, to quotations from Middle Kingdom literary texts.
Es wird die These aufgestellt, dass Amun-Re in Memphis mit der 'statischen' Form von Ptah, sprich seiner Darstellung als Handwerker verehrt wurde, Ptah in Manifestation als Ptah-Sokar-Osiris-Tatenen aber mehr mit Heliopolitanischen Gottheiten in Verbindung stand.
Klotz (Adoration of the Ram: Five Hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis Temple, 2006).
Regeneration, Verjungung und damit Bestatigung, zu gewahrleisten, allerdings mit umgekehrten Vorzeichen, denn es handelt sich in diesem Fall urn die Regeneration, Verjungung und damit um die Bestatigung des Konigs der Gotter, Amun-Re von Karnak, selbst.
Sein Besitzer Hr war "Gotlesvater und Prophet des Amun-Re (einmal auch: Prophet des Amun-em-ipet), Konigs der Cotter, Prophet des Min, des Horus (oder: des Min-Horus'.
Solar deities, above all Amun-Re, are shown to be the most important of the king's legitimators, though any such conclusions may be insecure due to the possibly unrepresentative contexts and findspots of the monuments.
One of Moses' contributions to Yahwism was aniconism, in imitation of Amun-Re worship.