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a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breath


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The gods, especially Amun-Ra, told me the world will be transferred to the moon before 2012 to save the universe from destruction," she said.
Seated on a rectangular base rounded at the corners, his hands emerging from his enveloping cloak and crossed over his knees, holding a lettuce in his right hand, and wearing a short beard and double wig composed of striated strands radiating from the crown and echeloned rectangular curls in front, his face with broad nose, heavy-lidded eyes, and indented earlobes, the naos before him carved with the ram head of the god Amun-Ra surmounted by a uraeus and sun-disk, each side of the naos engraved with a standing divine figure, Mut on the right and Khonsu on the left, a line of inscription on the base of the naos, two columns of inscription on the black pillar, the prenomen of Ramesses II on his right forearm.
The town grows around the temple on the river, still vestigially connected to another amazing collection of ruins at Karnak, the centre of the Theban Amun-Ra religion.
Seeing the magical moment when the sun lights up the statues of Rameses II, Amun-Ra and Ra-Horakhty draws large groups of tourists to the temple twice per year.