Amun Ra

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Egyptian sun god

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We're getting in some nice two-year-olds such as Amun Ra, who is one to follow, as is an unnamed full-brother to Sutton Veny."
Karnak:A hotbed of ancient religion, Karnak is home to shrines depicting every god and goddess over a period of more than 2,000 years, including the king of gods, Amun Ra. A huge columned hall forms the centre of Karnak, and there is also a gigantic labyrinth.
An embodiment of Amun Ra, the god of the sun, and a display of his powers.
"There's truly a renaissance going on here that is pretty much unrecognized by those outside the city." Whitsell lists some of the African-American theatres based in Nashville: SistaS-tyle Productions, Dream 7 Theatre Productions, Collards & Caviar Productions, Nairobi Cafe, American Negro Playwright Theatre and the Amun Ra Theatre.