American Staffordshire terrier

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American breed of muscular terriers with a short close-lying stiff coat

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At a savings of $60,000 -- and without the need to incur additional high-level staff or training costs -- Amstaff decided on SANRAD's V-Switch for its speed, reliability and automatic failover capabilities.
Under the remarketing agreement, AmStaff will license and private brand NETtime, making it a core component of their integrated suite of products.
AmStaff Human Resources' hands-on approach and well-thought-out policies and procedures are designed to minimize employee time and labor problems, and to assist companies in building and retaining the quality workforce they need to be successful," said Britt Landrum, chief technology officer at AmStaff.
AmStaff successfully implemented NETtime for their corporate headquarters employees before rolling it out to their clients.
Nasdaq:VCAM) announced Tuesday that it has acquired, through a merger transaction, Amstaff Inc.