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a pattern of small boxes that is used for self-monitoring by patients who have age-related macular degeneration

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Understand visual fields analysis using the Amsler chart in patients with AMD and be able to interpret the results (Group 3, 3.
Importantly, the patient's best corrected vision at this examination was RE: 6/6 and LE: 6/6, and there was no distortion reported on Amsler chart investigation.
Students were asked to select the most appropriate Amsler chart for the presenting condition and perform the technique accurately.
Diagnosis and monitoring of AMD in the clinic has historically been based on the assessment of visual acuity (VA), Amsler chart, and fundus examination of retinal signs.
The latter may not be a true reflection of the usage of an Amsler chart as it was not offered as an option but relied on respondents entering it as a choice under "other".
When investigating this condition with the Amsler chart, which of the following is CORRECT?
In this situation, presenting the patient with an Amsler chart or using the letter 'T' on a Snellen chart may help to demonstrate what is meant by the term distortion to the patient.