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compared flower ontogenies between distylous and homostylous species in three separate evolutionary lineages of Amsinckia (Boraginaceae) and found that neoteny is primarily responsible for the derivation of highly self-fertilizing species from their outcrossing ancestors.
A similar result was also seen in our studies of the flower development and evolution of homostylous selfing flowers from distylous outcrossing ones within Amsinckia spectabilis (Li & Johnston, unpubl.
In all three Amsinckia lineages studied, the timing of pollen-mother-cell meiosis shows no heterochrony when measured on a relative rather than absolute scale (Li & Johnston, 1999).
Some virus particles were found in Amsinckia sieve elements.
Amsinckia proved to yield particularly abundant exudate.
A crystaline inclusion in sieve element nuclei of Amsinckia II.