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someone who has had a limb removed by amputation

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Results: The results of the study indicated that quality of life and family relations were negatively associated with Post-traumatic stress(r=-66** r=-20**) respectively for amputees and also negatively correlated for prosthetics (r=62** r=-31**) respectively.
I'd also like to show amputees and disabled people you can still achieve things you thought were beyond you.
That's the novel aspect to this study, seeing that chronic, long-term amputees can learn to control a robotic limb," said Nicho Hatsopoulos, Ph.
He said: "We want to highlight the sport and let people know there's a pathway for people with a love for football if they are an amputee.
Dog Quality's Washable Wonders[TM] Amputee Dog Diapers are most needed for dogs that have a rear leg amputation who are incontinent either due to paralysis or as a result of age.
When war amputee veterans started The War Amps nearly 100 years ago, they could not have predicted that their legacy would be remembered and carried on for years to come by young amputees like Ryley and Myles.
I'm more impaired than the single leg amputees, but they're asking me to run double the distance.
Fifty eight of these subjects were above elbow amputees and 49 of them were below elbow amputees.
For lower limb amputees, this symmetry is lost, and it can be retrieved by the prosthesis.
An HC-130J Combat King II pilot here became the sixth amputee and the first female amputee to return to the cockpit.
The report, titled, 'Amputees' reviews the ed care and rehabilitation possibilities, primarily in the Gaza Strip but also in the West Bank, and the obstacles facing the amputees who try to receive care outside the Gaza 6 Strip.
Given the dearth of data on the QOL of the caregivers of war amputees, we sought to evaluate the HRQOL of the caregivers of war survivors with bilateral lower-limb amputation and compare it to that of a sample of the general Iranian female population and also assess that factors that influence it.
ON APRIL 16 and 17, a group of mountaineers composed of amputees, medical students and partner organizations set out north of Manila for a trail that took them 3,600 feet above sea level, and through the rough terrain and steep cliffs of Mt.
The sports management student said he hoped that modelling would help him to change people's perceptions of amputees.