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the dilated portion of a canal or duct especially of the semicircular canals of the ear

a flask that has two handles

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1) While the incidence of metastatic malignant melanoma to the GI tract is well documented, dissemination to the ampulla of Vater resulting in obstructive jaundice is far less common with very few clinical cases reported so far.
We will then present similar examples from the pancreatobiliary tract, ampulla of Vater, and gallbladder.
Adenosquamous carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater A report of two cases.
Patterns and predictors of failure after curative resections of carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater.
Choledocholithiasis was seen in 31 patients, affecting the ampulla of Vater in 7 patients and the bile ducts in 24 patients.
The exact pathogenesis of ACC is not clearly understood, but cholestasis and increased bile viscosity from prolonged fasting, spasm of the ampulla of vater, endotoxemia, microangiopathy and ischemicreperfusion injury, among the other causes have been suggested (5-7).
Ultrasound and computed tomography are fairly sensitive to demonstrate gallstone obstruction at the Ampulla of Vater or soft tissue changes indicative of edema, necrosis or microcalcifications of the pancreas.
During ERCP, the physician will often give the patient an intravenous dose of glucagon to relax the gut to facilitate the cannulation of the ampulla of Vater, which contains the narrow mouth of the pancreatic and bile ducts.
Cherrington said the procedure involves the insertion of a balloon-tipped catheter through the esophagus and stomach and into the duodenum, and then seating the balloon snugly in the mucosa at the ampulla of Vater.
This dichotomous concept is proposed to further understand the biologic behavior of premalignant lesions of pancreatobiliary tract, ampulla of Vater, and gallbladder.
Periampullary cancers include a group of malignant neoplasms arising at or near the ampulla of vater within 2 cms of radius from ampulla.
Endoscopic ultrasound showed thickened duodenum at ampulla of Vater.
Equally, a 5Fr paediatric feeding tube can be used for operative pancreatography by cannulating the ampulla of Vater.