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a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)

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All patients were prescribed vitamin D in oral form from injectable glass ampules.
The PDEA agent handed in P5,000 but Ricamora was only able to bring nine of the 30 ampules that were ordered earlier.
The stolen ampules are clearly labelled and anyone with information should contact Det Sgt Simm at Huddersfield CID via the number 101.
The hazards of glass particulate contamination associated with glass ampules and the effectiveness of filter needles in decreasing such contamination are discussed.
Designed to be an improvement over gauze and the new standard of care and personal protection whenever glass ampules are used, it is the only device that completely protects nurses' hands from touching the ampule.
Skin care professionals like Marion Oates, one of Australia's leading beauty therapists, has called Reviva's Hyaluronic Serum and Ampules "the closest a cosmetic can come to dermatologists usage of "Restylane" injections.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Medicine, ADRENALINE INJ AMPULES 0.
The Ampulmatic[R]-10 speeds and automates filling and sealing of glass ampules at rates of up to 10 per minute.
The INJEX(TM) product line for the diabetes market consists of the INJEX(TM) 30 Needle Free Injector, single-use disposable Ampules, and Vial Adapters that fit on standard insulin vials.
After, one strip is picked automatically by a mechanical arm and inserted in a testing station where the ampules will be compressed and measured for the force.
Equidyne Corporation (OTCBB:INJX) announced today the receipt of the last high-speed molds necessary to mass produce ampules in the U.
The WILCOMAT R 18 MC/LFC 18 head rotary leak tester inspects parenteral ampules filled with liquid at a speed of 120 per min, rejecting ampules with defects of 0.
The Rosch AG Medizintechnik ("Rosch AG") system is fully operational and economically mass producing ampules for sale in the U.
The Self-Teach LEARN Leak Test Series validates and inspects vials, ampules, flexible or rigid food and pharmaceutical packages.
During a quality assurance inspection, the company discovered that a small puncture may be present in approximately one of every 1,700 ampules of Pulmozyme, potentially causing it to leak.