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a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)

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The company's Phytonadione Injectable Emulsion USP, 10 mg/ml Single-Dose Ampules are offered in one mL Ampule containing 10 mg/mL of Phytonadione.
Chloropicrin release from the quick-release ampules was nearly complete 4 months after treatment, indicating that the ampule controlled the chemical until it was safely inside the treatment hole, then allowed for rapid movement into the wood (Fig.
The company's president and CEO Tony Arrigo said: "the ability to deliver single use 1% Lidocaine 'Safety Snap' ampules as an anesthetic for use by clinicians and pain management practitioners, health care providers for birthing, C-sections, pain management, and local and regional anesthesia is far reaching".
46.9% (45) said they taught their patients about usage of injectable Vitamin D ampules. On inquiring which form of prescription results in better compliance they said oral tablet form 74% (71).
The PDEA agent handed in P5,000 but Ricamora was only able to bring nine of the 30 ampules that were ordered earlier.
The stolen ampules are clearly labelled and anyone with information should contact Det Sgt Simm at Huddersfield CID via the number 101.
The use of filter needles in aspirating parenteral medications from glass ampules was first recommended by Katz, Borden, and Hirscher (1973).
The new system, which is based on Versatile Volumetric Vision, a high-functional 3-D vision system developed by AIST, can automatically discern various ampules and syringes and sort them out with precision.
SAF DE-CAP protects personnel from aerosol and splash when removing caps on blood tubes and when breaking open ampules. For blood tubes, the translucent, pliant cover is placed over the cap, gripped and the top popped off.
It is packaged in sealed glass ampules, each containing 2.5 mL of solution.
The Ampulmatic[R]-10 speeds and automates filling and sealing of glass ampules at rates of up to 10 per minute.
The WILCOMAT R 18 MC/LFC 18 head rotary leak tester inspects parenteral ampules filled with liquid at a speed of 120 per min, rejecting ampules with defects of 0.8 to 1.5 microns and larger.
The Self-Teach LEARN Leak Test Series validates and inspects vials, ampules, flexible or rigid food and pharmaceutical packages.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 20, 2018-Spectra Medical Devices awarded US FDA approval to market single use 1% lidocaine ampule