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a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)

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Their all-natural vegan facial Ampoule Concentrate System has gone viral on Instagram, selling out their entire inventory in less than a month.
L'eclairage de television actuel utilise des ampoules a halogenures metalliques de haute intensite qui generent une chaleur considerable et consomment beaucoup d'energie.
Opening ampoules may expose professionals to percutaneous injuries.
Among JAC's recent achievements is a tandem swab ampoule called the DuoDispersion [TM] System.
In its combi version, the ALF 5000 optionally processes injection bottles in addition to ampoules, combined with easy changeovers.
Qadir remarked the imported insulin ampoules in Kurdistan are used for pediatric patients with Type 1 diabetes.
The trust has done a check of all ampoules and is carrying out additional measures to safeguard patients.
Bormed LE6601-PH is a low density polyethylene which enables the development of transparent, squeezable ampoules that allow users of all ages to dispense eye, ear and nose drop treatments without professional assistance.
Independent enquiry by a CPM MP has revealed that Ampoules and Auto Pvt Ltd, a company which was given WiMax franchise, actually does not exist.
It is desirable to use drug ampoules which are presented in sterile packaging, as these can be placed in the anaesthetist's sterile work area and handled directly by the anaesthetist.
Recently the pharmacy she uses only had 60ml ampoules in stock.
James Alexander Corporation, a manufacturer and contract packager of unit dose dispensing systems, now offers color printing and graphics on its complete line of plastic ampoules.
Ten ampoules of adrenaline and a satnav system were taken from the car after one of its windows was smashed.
Farquhar had also misappropriated 100 milligram ampoules of pethidine for his own use and/or faired to account for ampoules of pethidine checked out in his name.
The main reason to justify the decrease in the price is that there are very few new product introductions with 90% of the sterile ampoules on the market being mature products which are very often generics.