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a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)

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Hiom et al (15) compared bacterial counts from the surface of water ampoules taken directly from their original packaging versus those stored loosely in a busy corridor for two days.
Anyone finding the ampoules should hand them in to their local police station, a chemist or doctor's surgery.
As far as possible for this study, an "assay' was defined as an independent test for each preparation beginning with freshly reconstituted ampoules.
It is indeed surprising that MOH insists, that pharmaceutical companies use proper USP Type-I neutral glass in case of ampoules, but allows the same medicines to be dispensed in vials, which are not of neutral glass.
In another investigation on the same night, police arrested a 34-year-old kiosk owner where a canister, 199 unused ampoules, 200 balloons and the amount of e1/4103.95 was confiscated.
Along the way, he has put together outstanding teams across various departments, all toward the goal of developing innovative ampoules and other products that meet and exceed customer needs."
JAC introduced its expanded line of highly functional, uniquely shaped applicator heads for their patented line of plastic ampoules. The applicators can be made from materials such as.
The latest in Borealis's Bormed range of polyolefins for medical packaging is intended for self-administered easy-to-use ampoules.
Commonwealth Serum Laboratories recommends a starting dose of two ampoules of Tiger snake antivenom or four if there is coagulopathy, severe paralysis, multiple bites or if the bite is by one of the larger subspecies of black Tiger snake.
James Alexander Corporation, a manufacturer and contract packager of unit dose dispensing systems, now offers color printing and graphics on its complete line of plastic ampoules. James Alexander's plastic ampoules, available in a wide range of sizes with a variety of applicator tips, can now feature printing or graphics in any Pantone Matching System color--with a maximum of three hues--in either standard or hot stamp foil printing.
The Ampuscan is designed to inspect ampoules, respules and other blow-fill-seal-type plastic containers to accuracies not reasonably achievable by human inspectors, at speeds up to 60 cards per minute, at a high detection rate.
Williams had signed for a delivery of five ampoules of 100 mg of diamorphine, which had not been entered on the controlled drugs register, and the dispenser found an ampoule top in a bathroom above the pharmacy.
Each kit uses self-filling ampoules that offer fast and precise results without the need to dissolve powders or tablets.