amplitude modulation

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modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave


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We essentially made an amplitude modulator that changed the light intensity by about 30% at the maximum operating efficiency," says Evans.
Tenders are invited for SPCM20A Single Photon Counter Module 20m Diode x1; HVA200 High Voltage Amplifier, 20:1, bipolar, +/-200V x2; Power Cord USA Power Cord USA x2; EO-AM-NR-C4 Broadband Electro-optic amplitude Modulator, 400-600nm x2; LC100 Smart Line Camera x1; EO-AM-NR-C1 Broadband Electro-optic amplitude Modulator, 600-900nm x1; Shipping Costs to Ship x1.
The microphotograph of the biphase amplitude modulator chip designed for operation at 30 GHz (which measures 1.
The source can be easily modulated using either the source output leveling loop or a broadband amplitude modulator.
If the amplitude modulators are assumed to produce a perfect multiplication of the microwave reference signal and the incident light, the outputs from each amplitude modulator will be perfect double-sideband (DSB) optical signals.
To demonstrate the speed advantages of polymers, the Bell Labs team built a polymer-based, high-bandwidth optical amplitude modulator, a common component in optical networks.
Cisco will provide CableLabs with the core IP infrastructure for the all-IP solutions testing at the facility, including routing equipment, switching, cable modem termination systems (CMTS), RF Gateway-10 (RFGW-10) universal edge quadrature amplitude modulator (U-EQAM), Unified Computing Systems (UCS), storage networks, and a variety of Videoscape components.
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