amplitude modulation

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modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave


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By using techniques like cascade configurations, incidence at grazing angles or excitation coupled Bragg modes within the LC film, the device can be configured for high transmission flat-top narrow pass-band filters, steep amplitude modulators or broadband pure phase modulators.
Accomplishing this modulation with an amplitude modulator and a phase modulator is difficult and complex.
"We essentially made an amplitude modulator that changed the light intensity by about 30% at the maximum operating efficiency," says Evans.
The microphotograph of the biphase amplitude modulator chip designed for operation at 30 GHz (which measures 1.1 mm x 0.9 mm) is shown in Figure 4.
The source can be easily modulated using either the source output leveling loop or a broadband amplitude modulator. The demodulators can be the broadband diode detectors commonly used in scalar network analysis.
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