amplitude modulation

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modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave


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Cisco will provide CableLabs with the core IP infrastructure for the all-IP solutions testing at the facility, including routing equipment, switching, cable modem termination systems (CMTS), RF Gateway-10 (RFGW-10) universal edge quadrature amplitude modulator (U-EQAM), Unified Computing Systems (UCS), storage networks, and a variety of Videoscape components.
Our first amplitude modulator which has been in development and which we anticipated would be completed by the time of this update is still not completed and tested.
To demonstrate the speed advantages of polymers, the Bell Labs team built a polymer-based, high-bandwidth optical amplitude modulator, a common component in optical networks.
Separately, the company noted that work is continuing on the development of its initial amplitude modulator for the optical computer market.
Path 1 has created a next-generation flexible and upgradeable integrated video multiplexer gateway and quadrature amplitude modulator (QAM), which will soon be available and marketed by Aurora.
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