amplitude modulation

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Synonyms for amplitude modulation

modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave


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Inhibition of Bladder Overactivity by Stimulation of Feline Pudendal Nerve Using Transdermal Amplitude Modulated Signal (TAMS).
000 Hz, an amplitude modulated frequency (AMF) equal to 75 Hz, a variation frequency (AF) of 35 Hz, and a slope of 1/1.
The synthesized raw signal is further amplitude modulated using the resampled envelope.
Stochastic screening is frequency modulated (FM) screening, as opposed to amplitude modulated (AM) screening.
It combines the benefits of amplitude modulated screening (smooth vignettes and controllable midtones), with the benefits of frequency modulated screening (fine detail rendering in shadows and highlights, and continuous tone-like reproduction).
Key words: Evoked response audiometry; auditory steady state response; amplitude modulated tone; crosscheck principle
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