amplitude modulation

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modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave


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Amplitude modulated signal from the charge amplifier (ch2) and signal on the sample-and-hold capacitor (the bottom envelope of amplitude-modulated signal) (ch1)
Figure 1 (a) (b) is the amplitude modulated Elcentro wave under earthquake and compared with the design response spectrum.
[87.] Rakovic D, Djordjevic D (2012) Wear amplitude modulated RF EM fields for cancer treatment.
Rajasekar, "Homoclinic bifurcation and chaos in 06-Rayleigh oscillator with three wells driven by an amplitude modulated force," International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, vol.
In this paper, we investigate the tight focusing properties of amplitude modulated radially polarized partially coherent vortex beam that is tightly focused by a high NA lens based on the vector diffraction theory.
Neuromodulation of Bladder Activity by Stimulation of Feline Pudendal Nerve Using Transdermal Amplitude Modulated Signal (TAMS).
(7,12) IFC therapy is the application of alternating medium-frequency current (4,000 Hz) amplitude modulated at low frequency (0-250 Hz).
The (L - R) difference signal then is amplitude modulated onto a suppressed 38-kHz subcarrier in the 23- to 53-kHz region of the baseband spectrum.
The synthesized raw signal is further amplitude modulated using the resampled envelope.
The output of a practical oscillator differs from the desired ideal sinusoid in the sense that the actual VCO output is frequency and amplitude modulated, in addition to having undesired harmonics.
It combines the benefits of amplitude modulated screening (smooth vignettes and controllable midtones), with the benefits of frequency modulated screening (fine detail rendering in shadows and highlights, and continuous tone-like reproduction).
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