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When first launched, the R&S PKU amplifier family represented a new and radically different approach to satellite amplifiers through their use of solid-state enabling technology in place of traditional tube-based amplifier systems.
"The R&S PKU100-O750 is clearly differentiated as a high-power satellite amplifier since it produces a significantly better signal quality than any other solid-state device," commented Christian Baier, Product Manager and Technical Sales, Satellite Amplifiers at Rohde & Schwarz.
The Merrill Audio ELEMENT 114 Stereo Amplifier, like its higher end amplifiers are load invariant, with the Merrill Audio ELEMENT 114 delivering power across all complex loads that doubles 200 watts into 8 ohms, 400 watts into 4 ohms and 800 watts into 2 ohms.
(Xicom), which is part of Comtech's Commercial Solutions segment, announced today a new 650-Watt Ka-Band amplifier for High- Throughput Satellite (HTS) gateway service.
Namiki, "100nm bandwidth flat-gain Raman amplifiers pumped and gain-equalised by 12wavelength-channel WDM laser diode unit," IEEE Electronics Letters, vol.
In a companion to his 2014 Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication, Wang introduces current load modulation radio frequency power amplifiers for next-generation wireless communication standards.
The common mode comprises a nMOS input stage differential amplifier and a pMOS input stage amplifier which are connected in parallel, and a push-pull CMOS amplifier for converting current outputs from the nMOS and the input stage differential amplifiers to an output voltage signal.
More and more semiconductor device manufacturers have started manufacturing internally matched high power devices at X-band for RF/microwave design in order to reduce the amplifiers development time/cost.
Many manufacturers specify amplifiers in the same way as AR--they quote maximum gain and the P1dB point.
The new line consists of five GaN wideband amplifier models that raise the bar for SWaP (size, weight and power) in this category of GaN amplifiers while meeting the stringent airborne requirements of the most demanding commercial and military applications.
Two recent breakthroughs in technology applied to amplifiers promise to make a significant difference to the soldier's burden and ability to communicate.
Scientists have previously known that cells have their own inbuilt amplifiers to first detect and then boost biological signals, which are crucial for survival and reproduction.
Although GaAs devices are regarded as more suitable than CMOS ones, there have been vigorous studies about how to reduce unit costs of CMOS power amplifiers [22-27].
29 August 2013 - UK technology company Vislink Plc (LON:VLK) said today it had acquired domestic amplifiers manufacturer Amplifier Technology for up to GBP4m (USD6.2m/EUR4.7m) in cash.