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Because of the summing operation, the transfer resistance (current-to-voltage gain) is independent of the number of amplifiers used.
These aerospace radar systems will need highly efficient transmit amplifiers, as well as novel approaches to antenna packaging and integration, to meet requirements for multifunction performance, low mass and affordable cost.
D2Audio developed a range of fully compatible amplifiers and platforms for this market, including 2.
Available in March, the new lineup of Infinity Reference amplifiers includes one four-channel full-range model and two mono subwoofer amplifiers, and a five-channel amplifier that's designed to power an entire system.
Used to amplify weak signals in the presence of strong interference and noise, instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps) are used in many applications: from motor control and automotive to medical instrumentation and data acquisition.
As a result, the company has established a leadership position in the growing market for high-power broadband RF amplifiers.
The D2Audio DAE-1 amplifiers include a full complement of signal processing firmware that handles the digital audio data flows through the amplifier, as well as provides dynamic monitoring and control functions to protect digital media processor operation.
Alphion Corporation, a leader in innovative discrete and integrated components for photonic regeneration, amplification, signal conditioning, wavelength management, photonic routing, performance monitoring and passive optical networking (PON), announced today, the introduction of two new semiconductor optical amplifiers.
The MCP6G0x amplifiers feature a low-voltage operation range of 1.
The JM2020, features a monolithic design integrating both the modulator and power stage into a single chip, and delivers best in class audio fidelity at a price comparable to traditional Class D amplifiers and newer delta-sigma PWM digital amplifiers.
It embeds Raman amplifiers with up to five pumps, and can be operated as a fully independent stand-alone network element supporting SNMP and TL/1 communication protocols.
Measurement results are made possible by JamTech's innovative sub-ranging PWM digital amplifier architecture that inherently avoids the fundamental distortion mechanism of traditional Class D amplifiers.
NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications and the market leader in amplifiers, today introduced two Class-D audio amplifiers designed to meet the low-power, small size, and growing sound quality requirements of portable electronics.
The Sentior 27000 can also be configured to work as two completely independent single-stage VG amplifiers, so that two single stage VG amplifiers can be packaged in a single module, leading to significant cost and space savings.
OB), a manufacturer of ultra-linear high power amplifiers, today announced shipment of their newly developed ultra-linear 3G multi-channeled broadband amplifier, Company growth plans, and retention of Segue Ventures LLC as its corporate communications company.