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The advantage of this preamplifier design is that the dc output voltages of the individual operational amplifiers do not go into saturation and no compensating source is needed at the input.
NYSE:TRW), a world leader in advanced semiconductors, has developed a highly efficient microwave power amplifier chip that delivers world record levels of power per unit of semiconductor area for integrated circuits operating at more than 20 billion cycles per second (20 GHz).
The D2Audio Corporation, maker of the world's only Intelligent Digital Amplifiers, supplies a full line of cost-efficient, powerful, multi-channel platforms.
These new Reference amplifiers are quite a bit smaller than the models they replace, making installation a far easier process.
ADI's portfolio of free support tools for amplifiers helps design engineers quickly and efficiently select the right products, conduct real-time simulations, and trial-test various configurations.
Headquartered in Inglewood, California, the company shipped its first batch of amplifiers in early 2000 to customers in the wireless communication and the electromagnetic compatibility and susceptibility (EMC) industries.
The D2Audio Corporation, developer of the world's only intelligent digital audio amplifiers, supplies a full line of cost-efficient, powerful, multi-channel platforms including ICs and firmware with market leading performance and superior sound quality for digital media applications in consumer, professional, and automotive industries.
These amplifiers are both protocol and data-rate independent and can be used as a transmitter power-amp, a receiver pre-amp or as an in-line amplifier.
This family offers low-power performance as stand-alone devices or as MCU-controlled amplifiers, while still fitting the standard operational amplifier footprint.
Findings verified that JamTech's technology exceeds measurements typically achieved by traditional analog pulse width modulation (PWM) Class D amplifiers and delta-sigma PWM digital amplifiers for both absolute dynamic range and spectral noise floor, two important measures of fidelity in digital audio systems.
It enables the incorporation of optical amplifiers as a new network element with minimal changes to the network's hardware and operating software.
This is compared to a typical range of 72-78dB (12-13 bits) for traditional analog PWM Class D amplifiers and 84-90dB (14-15 bits) for delta-sigma PWM digital amplifiers.
NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications and the market leader in amplifiers, today introduced two Class-D audio amplifiers designed to meet the low-power, small size, and growing sound quality requirements of portable electronics.
The Sentior 27000 can also be configured to work as two completely independent single-stage VG amplifiers, so that two single stage VG amplifiers can be packaged in a single module, leading to significant cost and space savings.
OB), a manufacturer of ultra-linear high power amplifiers, today announced shipment of their newly developed ultra-linear 3G multi-channeled broadband amplifier, Company growth plans, and retention of Segue Ventures LLC as its corporate communications company.