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Synonyms for amphitheatre

a sloping gallery with seats for spectators (as in an operating room or theater)

an oval large stadium with tiers of seats

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The $10-million Minnehaha Bay project, which is nearing completion, includes a 6,700-square-foot building, new boat slips, a boardwalk and outdoor ampitheatre.
uk/countryside 4 Free children's activities, Drift Park and Ampitheatre, Rhyl, Sunday Street entertainers, face painting, and balloon modelling is on offer in Rhyl, as well as a pirate ship and puppet show, noon-4pm ?
Such representations, Deiter argues, had special resonance for disenfranchised groups among public ampitheatre audiences like Catholics, apprentices, and disgruntled aristocrats.
2 court, a fabulous 4000-capacity ampitheatre, with the calm authority of a seen-it-all veteran.
APT resides near the tiny town of Spring Green (population: 1444) in southern Wisconsin and produces their classical season outdoors, but they have existed since 1980, use a spacious 1000-seat ampitheatre, and have grown their ticket sales to over 100,000 per year for their five-production season.
The Arbor South home's siding is made of redwood recovered from benches torn out of the Cuthbert Ampitheatre earlier this year, and the hardwood flooring comes from boards taken out of demolished buildings.
The attacker shot himself in the head as he was pursued by police near a Roman ampitheatre in Amman late on Wednesday.
The show will be held at the Tippecanoe County Ampitheatre, 4449 State Road 43 N.
Where: At nine venues: Directors Guild of America, John Anson Ford Ampitheatre, Regent Showcase, Laemmle Monica, Orpheum Theatre, Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, The Echo, Calarts Theatre at Walt Disney Concert Hall, and L.
The stadium is an incredible ampitheatre and the people inside are such a friendly bunch.
In 1958, the Burning Hills Ampitheatre was constructed within a mile of the town, and each year thereafter an outdoor musical with a Theodore Roosevelt theme has been enacted nightly from mid-June through Labor Day weekend.
They've covered topics such as the crumbling old wall along Forest Park Parkway, a music camp for kids at the Riverport Ampitheatre and the mask exhibit at the St.
In 1955 the fifth Machine Tool Show was held at the International Ampitheatre, a facility operated by the Union Stockyard and Transit Co.
Archaeological excavations have revealed Israel's best preserved Roman ampitheatre, and a second-century temple and colonnaded street.
Lopez's glamorous 'Dance Again' live show will dazzle her fans at the Dubai Media City Ampitheatre.