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Synonyms for amphitheatre

a sloping gallery with seats for spectators (as in an operating room or theater)

an oval large stadium with tiers of seats

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Cruzan Amphitheatre removed existing seats to accommodate the build out for the Party Deck, which is located in the back corner of the pavilion seating section.
Special features to the Party Deck include: a private entrance, private bar, and a great view of the A-list artists that perform at Cruzan Amphitheatre in 2012.
RAJESH MISHRA DOHA A COLOURFUL musical extravaganza will mark the opening of the muchawaited amphitheatre of Katara, the Cultural Village, on Sunday with several Oscar-winning stars including Greek composer Vangelis and actor Jeremy Irons on stage.
Around 150 VIP guests are set to enjoy what promises to be a highly memorable experience this evening, as some 500 musicians from across the globe gather to perform a selection of music by renowned Greek composer Vangelis during the opening of the Katara amphitheatre.
IT MIGHT look like a rock, but to archaeologists it is "the most conclusive proof" yet that gladiatorial games actually took place in Chester's Amphitheatre.
The amphitheatre consists of two main grandstands, east and west, each of which can accommodate 30 000 spectators shaded by double curved polycarbonate roofs, modern velaria, the front edges of which are supported on huge trussed steel arches.
The well known Kendall and Morrelli summer nights begin with Rod Stewart tribute act Bob 'King of the Amphitheatres' Wyper.
The amphitheatres built in Chester are also completely different architecture to those found elsewhere in Britain and the most similar is the arena in Pompeii in Italy.
California Plaza on neighbouring Bunker Hill is a well detailed and constructed series of landscaped spaces, amphitheatres, performance plazas and performing fountains, which intertwine cleverly around four sleek new high-rise buildings and lsozaki's Museum of Contemporary Art in a huge two-block development.
The findings will contribute to the study of amphitheatres both in Britain and abroad and will also help in the planning of the long-term management of the display and excavation of the site.