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Synonyms for amphitheatre

a sloping gallery with seats for spectators (as in an operating room or theater)

an oval large stadium with tiers of seats

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Quantity or scope: Creation of two amphitheaters connected to CentraleSuplec
A respectful dissent from the conclusions of John Russell Brown, particularly concerning act 4, scene 1, the scene in which the crazed Ferdinand offers the Duchess a dead man's hand, produces the quietly triumphant conclusion that "the steady, overall illumination of the amphitheaters and halls, far from imposing a restriction on the actors and playwrights, meant that even in scenes of pretended darkness, the audience could see and respond to the visual media of the actors' craft" (232).
Put a star on your calendar for July 1 when the high-powered Michael Bolton/Wynonna combo bill touches down at the Griffith Park amphitheater.
Clear Channel Entertainment's Music division includes more than 130 live entertainment venues in North America, including 41 amphitheaters in the United States.
Beginning with the 2003 summer season, Clear Channel Entertainment will work with numerous bands and artists, to make available to the public tickets starting at $10 for many concerts at each of the company's outdoor amphitheaters.
We want to reacquaint people with the outdoor summer concert experience, that moment when the lights go down, you hear the roar of the crowd, the artist hits the stage and you hear the first few notes of your favorite song - all under the stars at our state-of-the-art amphitheaters," stated Don Law, Chairman and co-CEO of Clear Channel Entertainment - Music.
Both the Hi Fi Buys Lakewood and Smirnoff Starplex Amphitheaters are donating the use of their facilities, while radio and television outlets in the Atlanta and Dallas markets are providing advertising at no cost.
31 SFX Amphitheaters to be Part of Unique Game Show Touting
Tweeter and SFX will rename two of the country's largest outdoor amphitheaters in Chicago and Camden, New Jersey.
The Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre is one of SFX's top amphitheaters, and one of Southern California's premier music venues.
The program will be part of Kendall-Jackson Winery's "Take Time to Taste the Music" national summer campaign and will be in place at six of SFX's major amphitheaters.
SFX has 83 venues including 16 amphitheaters in all of the top 10 markets and owns or operates venues in 31 of the top 50 markets overall.
SFX has 75 venues including 14 amphitheaters in 9 of the top 10 markets and owns or operates venues in 30 of the top 50 markets overall.
Upon completion of its pending Marquee and Cellar Door acquisitions, SFX will have 73 venues including 14 amphitheaters in 9 of the top 10 markets and will own or operate venues in 29 of the top 50 markets overall.
Upon completion of all pending acquisitions, it will have 73 venues either directly owned or operated under lease or exclusive booking arrangements in 28 of the top 50 markets, including 13 amphitheaters in 9 of the top 10 markets.