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type genus of the Amphisbaenidae

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alba moves along the trail, ants pheromone particles could adhere to the amphisbaenian body, thus enabling it to chemically mimetize leaf-cutting ants of the genus Atta, in order to get a kind of "passport entry" into the nest.
Chemosensory predator recognition induces specific defensive behaviours in a fossorial amphisbaenian.
The life cycle of amphisbaenians is almost entirely restricted to the interior soil of tropical and temperate environments (Kearney 2003), and their diet consisted mainly of small invertebrate prey (e.
A fixed camera of a Futuralix videofluoroscopy machine, housed at Santa Casa da Misericordia do Rio de Janeiro, recorded the amphisbaenian tunneling movements inside the terrarium.
But without the "static" step, the forces exerted by the amphisbaenian head and body against the soil would lack the necessary mechanical base.
But the two largest orders - those of snakes and lizards - were not fully analyzed, nor was the order of legless amphisbaenians.
Catalogue of the tortoises, crocodiles and amphisbaenians in the collection of the British Museum.
Catalogue of Tortoises, Crocodilians, and Amphisbaenians in the Collection of the British Museum.
There are 135 herpetofaunal species living on the plains (40 species of anuran amphibians, three species of turtles, 25 species of lizards, two species of amphisbaenians, 63 species of snakes and two of crocodilians (Junk et al.
Recent publications have included evaluations on infection rates, prevalence, and mean intensity of infection in studies of snakes, amphisbaenians and lizards of the northeastern region of Brazil (Dias et al.