Amphiprion percula

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an anemone fish of the genus Amphiprion

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En Amphiprion percula se observo que las glandulas gastricas aparecen en diferentes momentos, a 5 dpe (Gordon & Hecht, 2002) 11 dpe (Onal et al, 2008), diferencias que tambien serian atribuibles a la temperatura y fotoperiodo.
Juvenile orange clownfish (Amphiprion percula) looking for a home on the reef normally spend minimal time near such noises, Simpson explains.
(2009) reported a higher level of local replenishment (~40%) than long-distance larval dispersal (up to 10%) in the orange clownish (Amphiprion percula, Lacepede 1802)using 16 polymorphic microsatellites.
When the Amphiprion percula reached adulthood, they were given a choice between a water stream containing the odour of common predators like the rock cod or a stream lacking predatory odours.