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I gave the species name 'lemarete' to one of the amphipods because it translates from Greek to 'bold and excellent', which is the motto on Roger Bamber's coat of arms.
Although some prey items, including mysids, gammaridean amphipods, and cumaceans, were consumed regularly, most prey types were infrequently observed in the stomachs of southern kingfish (Fig.
They never caught a fish, but they did nab some of the amphipods.
After five muddy, tiring, exasperating trips that winter, the pair finally found full pools with hundreds of amphipods.
Shrimp was the dominant group (86% FO) followed by amphipods (41% FO); gastropods and isopods were represented equally at 36% FO (Table 3).
The list of susceptible invertebrates includes bivalves, odonates (dragonfly nymphs), polychaete worms, isopods and amphipods, decapod shrimps and crabs, as well as native gastropods (Appleton et al.
Caption: The clear bell of a gelatinous hydrozoan is a floating home for a jelly-rider called a hyperiid amphipod (top).
While amphipods above-ground move by jumping, the cave amphipod creeps slowly along cave walls, eating dead roots and organic material.
New Zealand scientists named the new species of sand-hoppers as "tutus" which means "safe" while the new amphipod genus is Bryoconverson which means "living in Bryozoa.
2 X Veneridae X Arthropoda: Crustacea Amphipods X X Cerapus tubularis Say, 1817 X X X 0.
Mallards feeding in estuaries have broad diets and will eat marine snails, spiders, insect larvae, isopods, and amphipods (Earner 1985).
Nova Southeastern University Professor Jim Thomas leads international expedition in Papua New Guinea that finds new species of sea slugs, feather stars and amphipods, a shrimp-like animal